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Wearing robes is a trademark of Jedi and Sith. It’s one of the symbols George Lucas used when he established the two orders that use the Fo...


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File Description

Wearing robes is a trademark of Jedi and Sith. It’s one of the symbols George Lucas used when he established the two orders that use the Force. In the first Knights of the Old Republic game, BioWare came out with an interesting design for the robes that most people did not like. BioWare made a brown, black, red, and blue style of robes.

Wilv is back with a new skin that replaces the female version of the red robe. It’s a darker color and it’s now a maroon looking color. The red pants are now a dark blue and the black boots have become maroon. The new colors do make the robe look better. Sometimes I wonder if BioWare would have been better off if they would have consulted with some of the skinners out there about how to make robes if you look at some of the things other authors have come up with in the past because they really could have done a better job with them. You can compare the BioWare version versus the author’s new version in one of the screenshots.

Some of you may want to complain that this new robe color is just for the females need not to fear. If you look at the TGA file name that replaces the artwork, you will notice it says PFBI03.tga The “F” in the TGA file name means female. If you were to make a copy of that file and replace the F with an M in the file name, it should look like… PMBI03.tga. That would make a male copy of it. Then just put that in your override and now the male red robes would look like what you see in the picture. Enjoy the new robe skin! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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new female red robe

Description of Mod:

This mod gives the female red jedi robe a new look separating it from the male version. This mod uses texture PFBI03 so if you have any mods  that uses that it will be necesary to back up those files in a separate folder so that you can put them back in if you don't like mine.

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Just extract all files into your Kotor override directory.

Just delete all the files associated with this mod. 

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This Mod is not supported by LucasArts or Bioware. Please do not contact them for support of this mod. 

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