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Jolee Bindo has one of the most interesting histories I’ve ever heard from a Jedi. Jolee of course was a party member that was a part of yo...


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Jolee Bindo has one of the most interesting histories I’ve ever heard from a Jedi. Jolee of course was a party member that was a part of your crew for the original Knights of the Old Republic game. He was an old man who is strong in the Force, but never advanced past the rank of Padawan Learner. Jolee was also a bald man with a white goatee.

ZekkGarEn returns to the modding scene with a skin that changes Jolee’s white goatee into a full black beard. To match the new beard hair color, the author changed the eyebrows to a black color also. The overall changed look would seem to give the impression is a very wise man. :p He also will look a little younger with this move. The author did leave some bits of gray hairs in his beard. He also played with the teeth slightly to make them a little whiter and also tweaked the eye color to be lighter and a little greener. I personally think he should have just stopped at the hair color changes and the addition of the beard.

This is one of those mods where you can install it and the changes will take place immediately, so no worries about finding a saved game before Jolee enters your party. The screenshots were taken at a low resolution, so hopefully they’re good enough to see what you’re getting. The author did use the highest texture as a base which is good news for those who use the high level graphics setting in their game. Enjoy the new skin! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Mod Name: New Jolee Head
Author: ZekkGarEn
File Size: 152 KB
File Format: TGA Image

Description: This changes Jolee Bindo's Head to make him look some what younger. It changes his gray goatee into a full black beard,running up close to his ears. His eyes are also changed to be a bit lighter in color. I have also made his teeth whiter.

Installation: Put file: P_joleeh01, into the 'Override' folder in your KotOR Directory.

Uninstallation: Remove files from the 'Override' Folder

Thanks too:

The Creators of GIMP, because without them I would not have been able to create this skin.

And to FRED TETRA, the first to explor the KotOR Modding world and the creator of the most helpful computer software I have ever used in my life.


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