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As I've said in the past, Mandalorians are a popular bunch. LordRevan999 and Darth Payne are here with a small Mandalorian-related mod, whic...


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As I've said in the past, Mandalorians are a popular bunch. LordRevan999 and Darth Payne are here with a small Mandalorian-related mod, which has two parts: some reskins, and some tweaks to the .uti files.

First the reskins. There isn't anything special added; they were just made to resemble the other Mandalorian armors. The blue one has not been changed, as there already is one in the game; the red and gold ones are additions. And there are both male and female versions. The reskins are pretty good, in my opinion. As for the, the properties are very generous. Maybe a bit too generous, but I guess it's a matter of personal preference.

You get the armors on Dantooine, so you probably load a saved game from before then, though you'll still be able to use the cheat console or savegame editor even if you don't. Enjoy! :)

NOTE: Please leave comments/feedback for the author, especially if you download and use this mod; usually it's the only reward modders receive for their efforts.


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Download 'mandalorain_battle_armors.rar' (1.81MB)

New Mandalorian Battle Armor
Authors: Darth Payne & LordRevan999
Email: &
Holowan Labs: Darth Payne & LordRevan999

LordRevan999: One note, the original author is Darth Payne he made uti's but could not make the skins so I asked him if I can help, he agreed,
after that he lost his interest in Kotor he handed the mod over to me so for completing the mod and fixing problems I guess I am the author too.

Darth Payne: I decided to make it when I noticed that the Mandalorian Battle Armor didn't have a yellow and red skin like the
armor seen on the other Mandalorians in the game.

It just seemed odd to me that it was that way as I know some prefer either the red or yellow armors over the blue one.

These new armors can be found on the mandalorian corpse inside the crystal cave on Dantooine.

Make sure that you have not visited the crystal caves before or it will not work.

Also make sure you don't have useddefault Battle armor before cause the game won't pick up the new changes and the stats and name won't be changed. 

Readme: Duh. You're reading it.

invisible0001.utp - placeable. - The datapad file.

PMBH13.tga - texture file for male red armor.
PFBH13.tga - texture file for female red armor.
ia_class9_013 - New Icon for the red armor.

PMBH14.tga - texture file for male yellow armor.
PFBH14.tga - texture file for female yellow armor.
ia_class9_014 - New icon for the yellow armor.

g_a_class9003.uti - new uti for the default Battle armor.
g_a_class9013.uti - new uti for the new red Battle armor.
g_a_class9014.uti - new uti for the new yellow Battle armor.

Armor Stats:
Defense: 19
Strength: +3
Constitution: +10
Wisdom: +5
Regeneration: 5
Regenerate FP: 5
Blaster Bolt Deflection: +10

Simply extract these files into the Override directory in the KOTOR install directory.

Known Issues:
There are no known issues.

If you encounter other issues, please report them to the email address specified above or PM me at Holowan Labs.
I will do what I can to correct them.

A big thanks to Fred Tetra for creating the truly fantastic kotor editing tool.

Also an appreciative thanks to the many friendly folks at the Lucasforums Holowan Laboratories board.

Thanks also go to DarthDingDong, Ferc Kast and Darth Payne for their help with this mod.

Finally, thanks to Bioware for making a truly great game...

You may alter or modify these files for your own personal use.  

If you wish to use any or all of these files for you own public mod, please contact me for permission
at the email address at the beginning of the file.  

If I give permission, please give me credit and include the read me file.

I am willing to let others use my work, so as long as you ask it shouldn't be a problem :)

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