New Sith Clothes



Have you ever wanted to strap on a brand new Sith Uniform? Well now you can :P That's right these clothes replicate the exact uniform that all the sith students have on. Very nicely done mate , keep it up :)

- JediKilla



---- Sithunforms by Archer ----

This changes the original clothings into the sithuniforms.
Side Effect: Now Carth and Canderous will wear the sithmaster-armor if the have Darth Revan's Robe equipped and a brown version of the sith-master-armor if they have the starforge-robes equipped. And YOU will were Darth Revan's real robe without the mask if you have equipped Darth Revan's Robe and a brown variation of Darth Revan's Robe if you have equipped the StarForge-Robe.

Installation: Simply put all the files into your Override. If you are asked to Override files from my Darth Bandon's robe - Mod say yes (or no) because these are the same files.
- the appearance-folder: In the appearance-folder there are two subfolders: „.....without clonetrooper“ or „..... - with clonetrooper“. If you have installed PRIME's „KOTOR Republic Clone Trooper Mod“ you will have to use the appearance.2da s in „..... - with clonetrooper“-Folder if you don't have installed the Clonetrooper-Mod you should use the appearance.2da s in „..... - without clonetrooper“-folder.
Note (if you have installed my Darth Bandon's Robe mod) These are the same files as the "with sithclothes"-files.
„compatibly - files“-Folder:

- the „juhanis darkrobes“-Folder:
If you have installed Juhani's Darkrobes you will have to put the two files in this folder into your Override-Directory. Say yes to override. Note: I have exchanged the names of the two files, so you will get her Darkrobe when you first speak to her and you will get her brown robe when you speak to belaya after you've rescued Juhani. The cheatcodes are (of course) changed too.

- the „mandalorian royalguard – armor“-folder:
If you have installed the Mandalorian Royal Guard – Armor you willhave to put the files in this folder into your Override-Directory. Say yes to override.

- the „portraits.2da“-folder and the „recruit mods“-folder:
If you have installed one of these mods:
 - dustil recruit
 - hyran recruit
 - jorryn recruit
 - mekel recruit (by Tanesh)
 - RedHawk recruit
 - shayla recruit
 - Darth Torren recruit
 - uthar recruit
you will have to put the portraits.2da and the files in the corresponding folder(s) in „recruit mods“  into your Override-Directory.

Just delete all the files you've put into your Override. (if you have installed my Darth Bandon's Robe mod and/or my new carthitems-mod and/or new-soldierclothing-mod don't delete the files which are similiar to the files from my Darth Bandon's Robe mod and/or my new carthitems and/or new-soldierclothing-mod.

Terms of Use:
You can use the files from this mod for everything you want but if you publish it, you have to mention me in the readme.

RedHawk, whose N_DarthCand - Skins I'm using in all my mods

[email protected]

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