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Here we got another mod from Archer. He seems to be very busy lately with doing mods for KOTOR, which is good for those who want to see new mods.

In this mod, the Soldier class will have their clothing changed from the game’s default soldier clothing into the clothing of the Republic Soldiers. Now, I’m a fan of using this type of mod for your PC to wear. The reason being is because you have been recruited by the Republic to be a soldier for them, which is why you should be able to use their uniform. This is also why I have Carth wear it in my personal use since he’s a soldier for the Republic. ;)

In this mod, the author makes it user friendly by not using the appearance.2da file, which is good for those who don’t have any skills at changing 2da files if they are using any from any other mods.

Now, the readme says it is compatible with the author’s other mods. I looked at his files and knew that they were not compatible with his Sith Officer clothing mod. I tested it just in case I could be mistaking, and I was right. This is just a warning in case you install it and figure out it didn’t turn out at the readme says. ;)




---- New Soldier Clothing by Archer 1.1----

This changes the original soldierclothing into the Armor of the Republic soldiers.

Version 1.3:
Using other files for the mod now. Compatible with all other mods now.

Put all files in this .zip except this readme into your SWKotOR/Override-Directory.

Just delete all the files you've put into your Override. (if you have installed my Darth Bandon's Robe mod and/or my new carthitems-mod and/or my sithclothes-mod don't delete the files which are similiar to the files from my Darth Bandon's Robe mod and/or my sithclothes

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