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This mod gives new items to the store Suvam has. In case you don't know who Suvam is, he's the rodian in the space station orbiting Yavin....


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This mod gives new items to the store Suvam has. In case you don't know who Suvam is, he's the rodian in the space station orbiting Yavin. His new store contains new, powerful, very expensive custom items in it. They all are very powerful, but generally are expensive enough that it doesn't through the game balance off. The only problem is that the item's descriptions are in German (at least I think so) so those without the German version of the game won't be able to tell what they're buying. You will also need to start a new game for it to work. It also says in the readme that it uses a lot of work from other modders. Nothing wrong with that as long as he has the permission from the original authors. It seems that Archer is coming along with modding, and I hope to see more from him.


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---- New Suvam-Store by Archer ----

This changes the original Store(s) of Suvam Tan on the Yavin Station. I creates a ton of new items but all these items aren't my work. I only gave some of them a new description and new names (can only be shown by German games, sorry). I also changed the stats of some of these items because they were overpowered. But I created some new items by myself, too. He will still sale all the items he sales without this mod.

Just put all the files (except this Readme) in your SWKotor ---> Override-Directory.
If you are prompted to override files, say yes, because that only can be a file for the suvam-store or the file of an new item. And it's strongly suggested to use my version of the item because noone likes overpowered items and my new names/descriptions or no descriptions often fit the situation much better than the original description (for an example: I changed RedHawk's Name Revan-Lightsabers to Long Lightsabers and their Crystals from Revan's Crystals to Silor-Crystals). If you are asked to override the uti of the mandalore's armor by nodakrattler (I know I have included it in my Darth Bandon's-Robe mod) say also yes because I changed it into a baragwin armor instead of mandalore's armor because it wouldn't logical that Suvam finds Mandalore's armor but he doesn't know anything about the mandalorian wars and hadn't known more than the things that smugglers told him.
If you are asked to override a file called "upcrystals.2da" yes because this file is NECESSARY to get this mod working. The upcrystals.2da is compatible with:
- all RedHawk-Mods
- USA:Hefe(I)'s Obi Wan - Episode IV - Hilt
- JediKenobi's Jolee-Double Bladed Lightsaber
- T7Nowhere's Lightsabers
- Achilles01's Jedi Council Sabers sets
- Tanesh's Mekel recruitment - Mod
- J'ando's White Lightsaber
- J'ando's Orange Lightsaber
- illuzion69's Darth Nemisis Lightsaber
- sketch42's Exar Kun's DoubleBladed Prototype Saber with Crystal
- numark79's KotOR Long Lightsaber
If you use Shem's Kotor Prequel-Sabers, you'll have to put the "w_lsabreblue02.tga" in "with KOTOR-PrequelSabers by Shem" into your Override, if you don't use the prequelsabers, put the "w_lsabreblue02.tga" in "without KOTOR-PrequelSabers by Shem" into your Override.

Simply delete all the files you put into your Override-Directory. Do NOT delete the files you were prompted to override!!!! (because they are from other mods.... logical, right?)

Terms of Use:
You can use the files from this mod for everything you want but if you publish it, you have to mention me in the readme.

RedHawk, whose Revan-Sabers and BastClothes-for-Female-PCs-utis I included in this mod
nodakrattler, whose mandalore-armor I included in this mod
Shem, whose Mandalorian Armors I included in this mod
Kazeite, whose lightBastila-skin I used for the second Bastila-Robe
Svösh, whose LD-Bastila: Light - Skin I used for the first Bastila-Robe
numark79, whose Long Turqusaber I included in this mod
Achilles, whose Republic Armor I'm using in this mod
sketch42, whose Exar Kun - Lightsaber I'm using in this mod

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