PFHC01 Female Head Reskin

This is one of those moments where you think you feel like you spoke too soon. Reason being is that I reviewed a file by Silveredge9 yester...


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This is one of those moments where you think you feel like you spoke too soon. Reason being is that I reviewed a file by Silveredge9 yesterday and mentioned how often he releases mods for the Knights of the Old Republic games. Now it is a day later and the author has came back with another mod, though to my defense it is an updated mod. :p

As mentioned yesterday, the author made new skins for the 1st female Caucasian head option for the original Knights of the Old Republic game. If you’re just joining us and learning this for the first time, what you’re getting is new eye colors and dark hair color. That is the biggest features of the new skins. What happens is your head will start off with darker hair and with a shiny blue eye color. If you choose the dark path, the baby blue starts to fade and eventually change into yellow eyes, the traditional color of Sith Lords.

The cool thing about this skin is that the hair stays black instead of the color fading into a gray. One thing I forgot to mention in yesterday’s review was the black lips you would get when fully turning to the dark side. In this release, you have an option to have those black lips if you want them. The skin transitions to the dark side have been changed so they’re not as pale as the default way BioWare made them.

So now I’ve talked about the minor little changes the author made to this 1.1 update. The biggest feature would have to be the new portraits to compliment the new skin changes. That way the portraits match the new skins. Enjoy the new update! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Knights of the Old Republic - PFHC01 Female Head Reskin, VERSION 1.1

AUTHOR: Silveredge9
EMAIL: [email protected]
NAME: PFHC01 Female Head Reskin Version 1.1
SIZE: 0.89 MB

DESCRIPTION: This is version 1.1 of a reskin of the PFHC01 Female caucasian face. Includes full darkside transitions, with an optional second Max DS face and player icons to match.

File Index

PFHC01.tga - Texture Files
PFHC01d.tga - No black lips alternative

PO_PFHC1 - Icon Files
PO_PFHC1d - No black lips icon alternative

Version 1.1 changes
- Added an alternative full darkside transition for those who don't like the standard black lips version.
- Added updated icons that reflect the changes of the reskin.

A simple reskin of the face I usually use whenever I play. Originally I just wanted to improve the eyes and make them stand out more when Lightside, and actually make them visible and sith-like when Darkside. but I got slightly carried away, and here is the result.

How to Install This Mod
- Place all the files in the ZIP into your OVerride Directory, located in your LucasArts/SWKotOR folder.

- This step is optional, but if you would like to use the NON-black lips version of the full darkside transition, then place the files located in the 'Full DS - No black lips' folder into the Override Directory, and override.

How to UnInstall This Mod
- Remove all the listed files above from your OVeride folder.

Contact Info
- Email all questions or comments to: [email protected]

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