Purple Mission Reskin

Well, another mod with a skin change to Mission Vao, our favorite female Twi’lek in the Knights of the Old Republic series by Rtas Va...


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Well, another mod with a skin change to Mission Vao, our favorite female Twi’lek in the Knights of the Old Republic series by Rtas Vadum. This one makes Mission’s skin color turn from blue to purple. It also gives Mission some black underwear. Either the author came up with it himself, or he got the idea from watching one of my videos on YouTube (some people have made mods based on what they seen me do for my personal use on YouTube in the past). Either way, I do agree it does look better on Mission to have black underwear. :p The author also darkened her default clothing.

The color change to the character itself looks pretty good, but the lipstick change for Mission is way too deep in my opinion. It seems to take the focus off of the rest of Mission – if seeing the lipstick first to a point where it takes a bit of time before you refocus the rest of your attention to the rest of the work, that’s never a good thing. Making a minor change there would really highlight the rest of the work he did because of the good job he put into it.

The author did what most people do by custom is to make a change to the skin color on the original portraits instead of making their own from scratch, but still you do get the changes there which is a good thing. What the author also did that most people do for the first time when making a Mission re-skin is overlook the fact that she has a brother and he’s still going to be blue even though Mission is purple in this case. Anyway, just a heads up if Griff still looks the same and you wonder why. Overall, good job on the skin. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'misson_purple.rar' (524KB)

Star Wars: Knights Of the Old Republic

Name: Purple Mission Reskin
Author: Rtas Vadum
Mod Type: Party Member Reskin

p_missionH01.tga(Head texture)
p_missionBA01.tga(Underwear texture)
p_missionBB01.tga(Clothing texture)
po_pmission3.tga(image on party selection screen)

Install: copy the tga files into your override folder. The change will affect any of your saves, 

whether mission is in your party or not.

Uninstall: remove the aforementioned files from your override.

Credits: The reskining was done by me. Should someone have the need to use the reskin in a 

mod they are making, i don't mind, as long as my name is in the credits, and they send me an 

email about it. It is possible that others have used a similar coloring, but the work for this was 

done by me. Hopefully this isn't to close to anyone else's reskin.

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