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Bastila’s robes have been a fan favorite among Knights of the Old Republic ever since fans laid eyes on them when Bastila was introdu...


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Bastila’s robes have been a fan favorite among Knights of the Old Republic ever since fans laid eyes on them when Bastila was introduced. It’s got that old fashion style that puts your mind set in the Old Republic time period, yet it also has appeal in the way it looks. This has inspired many authors to make all kinds of new skins based on Bastila’s robe style.

As Kristy Kistic has graced FileFront with her mods, sometimes you get the impression that she likes things that shine. This mod really brings it out in an area of modding that has been really popular (modding Bastila’s clothes). If you’re one of those people who like things that shine and you love Bastila’s robes and the idea of having different variants to wear, this mod is right up your ally.

The TSL Patcher is used made the necessary change in the appearance.2da file on Bastila’s character row to get that shine effect on the textures Kristy made. The robes have some fine stats that are listed in the readme file and they’re upgradable. Make sure you read the readme file on how to get the robes. Enjoy the robes! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'pvc_bastila_clothes_20.7z' (2.09MB)

Mod:        PVC Bastila Clothes 
Version:    2.0
Date:       10-30-2005
Author:     Kristy Kistic
Game:       Kotor 1
Last Build: 01-17-2006

Update: Version 2.0

0) All new skins
   A) The flaps portion of the skin is no longer pvc. 
   B) I removed all the bright colors that would make Bastila glow like a light saber.
   C) I backed way off on the reflectiveness of the pvc portion of the textures.
   D) All the short version skins have been removed. 
      I have a model I've been working on that was originally intended for this mod,
      but it never worked out. However, its now starting to come together a bit more
      and I'll release all new short skins in a new mod with this model. 
1) All new gui icons.
2) Reconfigured the tslpatcher to operate as an installer.
3) All new stats.
4) Uti's now range from pvc_bascloth_51 to pvc_bascloth_66.
5) I considered placing these in-game, but didn't happen.

New Stats:

Defense Bonus: +5 (Upgradeable to +10)
Dexterity: +2
Wisdom: +5
Improved Saving Throws: All +2
Regeneration: +1
Regeneration Force Points: +1

Damage Resistance Cold: 30 (Requires Upgrade)
Damage Resistance Electrical: 30 (Requires Upgrade)
Damage Resistance Energy: 30 (Requires Upgrade)


Update: Version 1.1

Included Stoffe's TSLPatcher to facilitate merging of mods rather than replacing 2da's.

Original (modified) read me:

These skins apply to the bastila clothes model.

This comes in 2 styles with 11 colors each for a total of 22 skins. These skins use 
lighting effects. It is NECESSARY to use an appearance.2da file to achieve these effects. 

Now you can do this the slow way and type 

giveitem pvc_bascloth_51
giveitem pvc_bascloth_52
giveitem pvc_bascloth_53
giveitem pvc_bascloth_54
giveitem pvc_bascloth_55
giveitem pvc_bascloth_56
giveitem pvc_bascloth_57
giveitem pvc_bascloth_58
giveitem pvc_bascloth_59
giveitem pvc_bascloth_60
giveitem pvc_bascloth_61
giveitem pvc_bascloth_62
giveitem pvc_bascloth_63
giveitem pvc_bascloth_64
giveitem pvc_bascloth_65
giveitem pvc_bascloth_66


you can easily add to your inventory using tk102's savegame editor. (the files MUST be
in the override directory for the editor to see them.) Seems much easier to me with
this many files.

Defense +5
Strength +2
Wisdom +5
Regeneration +1
Force Regeneration +1

Removal: Delete all the files.

Hope you enjoy :)


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