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Master Zionosis makes his FileFront debut with a recruitment mod. This is the first recruitment mod for the original Knights of the Old...


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Master Zionosis makes his FileFront debut with a recruitment mod. This is the first recruitment mod for the original Knights of the Old Republic game that has made its way to FileFront. Be warned, it is a BETA mod. Use at your own risk.

In this recruitment mod, you have a Dark Jedi to join your party that will take the place of Juhani. The name of this Dark Jedi is called Nichos Jelson. He does have the appearance of a Dark Jedi, but is on the light side of the Force. There are some good things that come with this new Dark Jedi. Nichos comes using a yellow and purple lightsaber and wears a Dark Jedi Master robe. He also has every other Master Robe in his inventory that will drop into yours. This includes many different handy Lightsaber Crystals. He also has 20 Strength, 20 Dexterity, 15 Constitution, 15 Intelligence, 20 Wisdom, and 15 Charisma, with saving throw bonuses of 4 Fortitude, 3 Reflex, and 2 Will saves. Nichos does come with 10 points in all areas of skills, handy feats, and very useful Force Powers.

The author has recommended that you have visited at least two planets before going to Tatooine because Nichos does start at level 15. Since this replaces Juhani, go ahead and kill her in the Dantooine Grove when you do a lightsaber duel with her.

There are other factors to consider since this is a BETA mod to think about. My advice is to read the readme to find out to prevent unexpected surprises. Also make sure to take note that this does modify the appearance.2da file and you will need to have skills in this area of modding in order to make it compatible with other mods you are using that use the appearance.2da file. Enjoy the new recruitment mod.

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Author : Master Zionosis 22/10/06 V1.5 BETA


Recruit Nichos mod V1.5 BETA
This recruit mod allows for the recruiting of a new character "Nichos Jelson" into your KOTOR 1 party.

The recruit mod makes nichos to take the place of Juhani, i thought juhani because she just has alot of personal issues and she dosn't really have a sidequest, and she's not really needed. Specialy as you don't have to recruit her you can just kill her.

As this mod is a BETA it doesn't have voices and the sidequest.
But it does have dlg's and journal entries.
it's not very profesional but it should work allright

Also when playing his dialog it is in coordination with bastila's conversation
e.g talk to nichos then bastila after a while both of thier next dlg lines will appear, but talk to nichos first each time a new dlg line appears otherwise his new dlg line will disapear because they use the same progression scripts.

Sorry about this but i couldn't think of a way around it, if someone can get round this let me know at holowan.

Thanks; master zionosis

I hope you all enjoy the Mod!

Installation Instructions:
Just extract override to override and streamwaves to streamwaves and start a new game. You should back-up any appearance.2da and other files you may have in your override before installing this Mod.

this mod is also compatable with RedHawke's recruit RedHawke mod, and other's.

Uninstallation Instructions:
Simply delete all these files from your override and streamwaves directory.

This Mod Does:
Adds a new custom Recruitable NPC to the game complete with some dialog, journal entries, and a short sidequest. He is on tattoine

WARNING: Nichos does join your party with a pretty high level, i recomend you go to at least two other planet before tattoine.

A boatload of thanks to Fred Tetra for creating the awesome and simple to use kotor editing tool.

Also a very appreciative thanks to the many friendly and informative people at the Lucasforums Holowan Laboratories board who have shown and or helped me to learn how to do stuff like this.

NOTE: The compleat mod should be out near christmas, as i need to find someone for the voice actor, if you are interested in being the voice actor for Nichos then post a thread in "join the team" on my forum website mentioned below.

I will be working on a V2.0 of this mod after christmas that will contain custom sabers, implants, Robes ect, beloning to Nichos. But not new model hilts unless someone is interested in doing this for me, of corse full credit for the hilts will be given. (Im not very good at modeling ya see).

Needed help
I had some trouble when trying to get Nichos in to the module, so i created a script to spawn him there using the "lord malak was most displeased when..." dark jedi dlg and cause i didnt have a save before tatooine i couldn't check this out so if it doesn't work can somone please fix this for me and tell me how it was done (CAUSE I'M NOT VERY GOOD WITH SCRIPTS) so in future mods this wont happen again, thanks.

Other known and possible Bugs 
There is going to be the bit on the unknown world where Juhani and Jolee stop you from entering the ruins alone, im not sure what will happen here, it might just put Nichos there with no dialog and voice, cause its regestering someone in Juhani's party member spot, it might even be Juhani or none of them will be there considering you don't have to have Juhani in the first place, but im not sure what will happen there.

Also there may be some DLG bugs, E.G entry's appearing late or not appearing at all. I will be playing through the mod now to check these things, BUT REMEMBER THIS IS A BETA SO BEAR WITH ME.

And lastly, Enjoy!

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