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I am proud to present the greatest recruitment mod to ever be made for the 2003 game of the year, Knights of the Old Republic. This...


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I am proud to present the greatest recruitment mod to ever be made for the 2003 game of the year, Knights of the Old Republic. This mod is a year and half in the making and it’s finally here just in time for Christmas. So Merry Christmas everybody! :D Inyri Forge’s mod gets my vote as the best mod to ever be released in the year 2007. If there was a voting poll available, I would cast my ballot for this mod.

I’m betting a lot of people that have been waiting patiently are excited that it’s finally here and probably aren’t taking the time to read the review because they already have decided they want this mod after seeing a teaser trailer or two and are hitting the download button as soon as they click the link to the mod; of course that means there are others who still aren’t in on this recruitment mod and wonder why I’m calling it the best recruitment mod to ever be made and want to know if it’s worth downloading a 19.8 megabyte file. If you want to know why that is, just keep reading on and you’ll find out why it’s the best. I’m going to *WARN* you that spoilers will be mentioned in this review so if you haven’t had the chance to play Knights of the Old Republic all the way through and don’t want to be spoiled, then stop reading now or suffer the consequences!

Inyri Forge created a female character named Kay. She is a Jedi Sentinel that you find on the planet of Tatooine on a mission to investigate Czerka Corporation or at least that is what she will tell you. Remember the trio of Dark Jedi that confront you on Tatooine telling you that Lord Malak was most displeased that your PC left Taris alive? Right after that event you will see a female Jedi walking towards you with a golden lightsaber hilt (made by the author too) that will emit a yellow blade when activated. You will also notice her brown hair, blue eyes, and a red Jedi robe (assuming there isn’t a mod changing its look in your override folder) as shown in the screenshot. Go and talk to her so she’ll join your party in your quest to find the Star Forge.

There are many reasons why this character is special. She has audio dialogue which is provided by Inyri Forge herself. All the other recruitment mods have mute dialogue, so this part alone sets this recruitment mod leaps and bounds above any other recruitment mod out there. You can also have conversations with her as you level up and eventually you will trigger a side quest that starts on Tatooine. You will have to talk to Kay at least five times before her side quest starts. So talk to her as soon as she joins you and wait till you have to level up to talk to her again and do that five times and her quest will be ready to start. When the quest is ready to start, go back to Dantooine and talk to the Jedi near the Ebon Hawk. After you start the quest, you’ll have to go back to the Dantooine where the Mandalorian there will finally talk to you and eventually have to go to Manaan to get something, and back to Dantooine to return an item to complete the quest to the female Twi’lek Jedi in the training room. It is best to play your game when leaving Dantooine by going to Tatooine, then Kashyyyk, then Manaan, and Korriban last while finding the Star Maps in order to have time to complete Kay’s quest and pretty much get the most out of this mod because if you need to do it before you get captured by the Leviathan.

There are three other new characters with recorded audio just like Kay. One of the new voiced characters is a Jedi on Dantooine which you will see as you get off the Ebon Hawk. You can’t miss him. The other two are Mandalorians. One of the Mandalorians is on Tatooine and the other is on Manaan. The Mandalorian on Tatooine can be found near the exit out of Anchorhead on the far left side. He’ll be wearing the blue Mandalorian colored armor. The Mandalorian on Manaan that you will speak to wears red colored Mandalorian armor and can be found at the end of the module which is near where the Sith Shuttle is that can get you into the Sith Base.

For those who are familiar with how the game engine on Knights of the Old Republic works, you will know that if you add a recruit to your party, you will have to replace another party member. In the case of this recruitment mod the ousted party member is Juhani. Because Juhani is out and you never had the heart to kill her in your duel with her on Dantooine, or you wanted extra Jedi help from your party; now is the time to do it since she’s not going to be in your group. Well, that’s not entirely true since she will join your group still if you spare her and help will your PC out until you recruit Kay on Tatooine and that is when Kay will override Juhani and she’ll be out for the rest of the game.

There’s a specific reason why Juhani was chosen to be replaced. There are two party members you can complete the game with that aren’t necessary for the storyline and that is Juhani and HK-47. These two are optional party members while the rest of them will join you no matter what. It’s easy to pick Juhani because she is the less popular of the two party members and you’re replacing one female Jedi with another. It was also the easiest way to go for the author to do so that is why she was chosen.

Since it is Juhani that is replaced, the author did a lot of work in replacing situations where Juhani would chime in on certain events and has Kay speak instead. I believe this was the most time consuming part of constructing this mod. This adds a dimension that recruitment mods have never had before because recruitment mods in the past would have the party member you replace speak their dialogue instead of the new recruit and you get audio from Kay to make her seem alive which makes this really special.

Again since Juhani is replaced, Kay will go with Revan into the Rakatan Temple with Jolee. This means there is that confrontation on top of the temple with Bastila and Kay will have a role in it. Revan’s choice to stay on the light path or go to the dark side will have an effect on Kay’s fate. Kay also has a reaction to your PC being Revan so play with this mod to find out what she thinks of the whole thing.

I feel I should give you all a word of warning about this mod that you should know. Just because Kay is recruited on Tatooine doesn’t mean it’s best to find a saved game where you haven’t been to Tatooine yet. Yes, you can recruit her that way, but you will not be able to complete the side quest that comes with her character because two new Jedi need to spawn on Dantooine and in order for those Jedi to show up, you must have a saved game where you never have been on Dantooine before. This would mean you must have a saved game that is on Taris in order for you get the full effect of this mod. As mentioned earlier that one of the Jedi you can find on Dantooine can be seen as you exit the Ebon Hawk who is a voiced character. There is a female Twi’lek Jedi in the training room where the workbench is that uses the Huttese language that is provided by the BioWare.

So let’s do a short review about what you will get just in case I lost you:

- A new recruit who has audio dialogue - She is an in depth character - She has a side quest that spans three planets - She has her own custom head - She has her own custom lightsaber hilt

To prevent crying among the community, the author uses the TSL Patcher to install the mod. So just sit back and let the Patcher do its job and get ready to play your game. Enjoy this wonderful recruitment mod.

Here is the trailer to this mod in case that helps instead of reading through my lengthy review.

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


Mac & Anti-TSL Patcher Users Click on this link to get the manual installation:

Make sure you download the 1.01 Patch:;86204

Don't forget the Hot Fix:;90703

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Download '' (19.8MB)

A Knights of the Old Republic Recruitment Mod
by Inyri Forge


1. Introduction
2. Description
3. Installation
4. Known Bugs
5. Tips and Information
6. Reporting Bugs and Suggestions
7. Distribution and Usage Notes
8. Credits and Thanks
9. Legal



This is a mod I've been working on since roughly last summer (summer '06). That means it's well over a year since I started, and so a lot of blood, sweat, and tears have been put into this mod. It's been through multiple full-playthrough beta tests, has taken input from various testers, implemented features I never thought I'd be able to manage, and has actually made my gaming experience better... and I'm the modder! I always found Juhani to be a bland character, her plotline boring, and her model annoying and aesthetically unpleasing. I simply didn't like to look at her, listen to her, or work with her. Since she's one of the four Jedi in your party, and one of three including yourself at the end of the game, this caused problems since I didn't like to use her, but like to use only Jedi at the Star Forge. My solution? Create a new Jedi character to replace her that fit in with the story, had a more engaging personality, and was someone I might actually want tagging along with me.



Recruitable Kay is a mod that replaces Juhani with a young human Jedi Knight named Kay. She has been searching for information about the Czerka Corp on Tatooine as per her orders from the Jedi Council, however if you talk to her you'll find out that she feels her mission is a waste of time and that she's more than happy to join you on your mission to stop Malak and save the galaxy from the Sith threat. She is a level 6 Jedi Sentinel when you are first able to pick her up on Tatooine. It is recommended that you kill Juhani on Dantooine if you're concerned about everything meshing well together in the plot, otherwise Juhani will simply disappear. If you're like me, though, you can just pretend that you stuffed her into one of the Ebon Hawk's cargo compartments so you didn't have to hear her complain anymore. ;)

Kay has a fully-tiered dialogue set, just like Bastila, Carth, and the rest of your party. Each time you level up she will have new things to talk about, and eventually her dialogue will lead you into an in-depth multiple-planet quest. She will also express her feelings on various events as they occur throughout your travels, just as the rest of your party would, and she will accompany you to the Rakatan Temple on the Unknown World just as Juhani would have.



This mod uses the TSLPatcher for easy installation. After running TSLPatcher.exe simply follow the included instructions. NOTE: Three files are set to overwrite in the case that you have these files in your override folder already, as they are necessary for the plotline to progress. These three files are bastila.dlg, man26_sitharg.dlg and tat17_darkjedi01.dlg -- if you have mods that alter these files already please contact me and I will see if I can work with you to make the two mods compatible with each other!

The rest of the dialogue files included are either custom dialogues or are not necessary to the plot. If you have mods that alter those dialogues already and you would like to keep your old versions of the dialogues you may do so. Keep in mind, however, that if you choose not to install any of the included dialogues you will run the risk of hearing Juhani's voice instead of Kay's during that particular dialogue.

RECOMMENDATION: I recommend using a clean override folder for this. To keep your other mods, simply rename your current override folder (rename it override1, for instance) then make a new override folder and install the Recruitable Kay mod. Then add any additional mods you would like. This will make uninstallation as painless as possible, since you can then just delete the new override folder and rename the backup override folder and get all your old mods back! Make note that this is useful as well if you like to switch between mod setups often.



There are only a couple of known bugs that I have not fixed. The biggest bug is after the fight with Malak you may trigger an incorrect dialogue. The reason for this is because BioWare gave two dialogues the same name. One of them I needed to alter, but since the dialogue then goes in the Override folder the game considers it an override for both dialogues. The dialogue in question is lev40_carth.dlg -- this plays before the team is captured when Carth is talking on the Ebon Hawk as well as after you defeat Malak for the second time on the Leviathan. I have included a work-around -- before facing Malak copy the lev40_carth.dlg file included in the "bug fix" folder to your override folder (overwrite the one that's there). This will ensure that you trigger the correct dialogue.

The other bug is on the Unknown Planet when visiting The One's encampment. The cameras are bugged, but it is a graphical bug only and will not impede gameplay. I will be looking for a fix if possible, but it is considered low priority should any other more serious bugs crop up.

I am relatively certain there are probably some bugs I have not found, simply due to the scope of this mod. If you find any, please consult the "Report Bugs" section of this read-me near the bottom.




This section is for those who want to get the most out of this mod and not miss anything. I labeled it a spoiler alert, but I really will try not to give away too much of the plot. It will simply list major locations and where to go, but I won't tell you what happens. ;)

WARNING: This mod is designed to function properly only if you have not already reached Dantooine. Certain characters will only spawn the first time you visit! If they do not spawn you can not properly finish the quest.

First of all, I recommend hitting Tatooine as soon as you are able to leave Dantooine. It doesn't matter if you do that Star Map first, however you should at least pick up Kay so that she has plenty of time to level up so you can finish her quest line before the Leviathan. You must finish her quest before visiting the Leviathan or it can not be completed! It's not a total bust if you don't finish it, but you won't get the XP for it and you won't get the rewards. I've played through multiple times myself and, despite being paranoid, I've never had a problem finishing it in time.

Below is my recommended order of planets:

Don't forget to speak to Kay each time you level up! She will have a new dialogue after each player level-up. If she doesn't that means you've progressed far enough to start the quest. At this point go to Dantooine! When you first arrived at Dantooine you will notice that two new characters spawned with seemingly no purpose -- a Jedi named Andamir and a Jedi Master named Lynara. At this point you need to speak to Andamir with Kay in your party. They will have a short discussion at which point the quest is explained. Should you choose to do the quest (and let's face it, that's probably one of the reasons you downloaded the mod!) you are sent back to Tatooine in search of a Mandalorian. You may have noticed him earlier since he spawned before you even recruited Kay! He is located near the gate to the Dune Sea. You can now talk to him.

I won't explain the rest of the quest, since the rest is very straightforward (you're told exactly where to go). Just keep in mind that the last person you need to speak to is the Jedi Master I mentioned earlier. This should all be easily completable before getting the Manaan Star Map (or whichever world you elected to be your third Star Map). Just remember to return to Dantooine before you actually obtain that particular map.

Also if you feel the spoils for this quest are not good enough for all that effort you went to, please let me know your suggestions and I will consider them.



I'm not naive. I'm certain there are still bugs in this mod, and I'm more than willing to correct them! If you find any you can contact me with any of the information listed below:

AIM: JadesFire777
YAHOO!: inyri.forge
WEBSITE: (Recruitable Kay forums:

E-mailing me bug reports or (preferably) posting them in the appropriate forum on my website will be best so that I have a hard copy of the information, so if you wish to contact me via instant messenger you may want to do either of those as well. When you report a bug please format your e-mail or post as follows, so I don't accidentally delete it as spam:

For E-mail: Recruitable Kay Bug Report
For Forum: A concise description of the bug in the Bug Reports forum
BODY: Include your nickname, your preferred e-mail address and any other means of contact, as detailed a description of the bug as possible (description of the bug, when and where it occured, whether or not you could duplicate the bug, and the severity of the bug, such as whether or not it impeded gameplay), and if applicable some screenshots of the bug.

In addition to bug reports you can also send me suggestions for the mod if you like. I don't guarantee I'll implement them, but I'll certainly take them under advisement and give them some consideration!



You may not distribute this archive to any other site. Because of the amount of time and effort that went into this mod, if you would like to use any part of it in your own mod I would appreciate it if you would contact me first. You may, however, use the source scripts in any way you like without my permission. You're probably better off asking a real scripter for help, though. :p



I have various people to credit and thank for this. First I would like to thank everyone at Holowan Laboratories, where I received so much help (whether they knew it or not!). I would also like to thank the staff of for their unwavering support and input. Also thanks to all the other people that offered input and suggestions along the way. After a year and a half you are too many to name, but you all know who you are and you're all special folks in my book!

I am, however, pleased to mention my beta testers by name. If you find any bugs, blame them. :)
-Emperor Devon
-Master Zionosis
-Darth InSidious

Last but not least I would like to thank all members of the voice cast.
Kay......................Melissa Trudeau
Andamir...............	Zach Merriam
Abaran.................	Danny King
Mandalorian.........	Brian Kopp




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