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Recruitable Kay has been an instant success since it made its public debut on Christmas Eve 2007. The download counts keep climbing higher...


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Recruitable Kay has been an instant success since it made its public debut on Christmas Eve 2007. The download counts keep climbing higher and higher at an incredible rate as each day passes. As like most large mods that have been released in the past, there are some bugs that come with it. To me it’s not about the amount of bugs your mod gets in a situation like this; it’s how the author of the mod responds to it. Inyri Forge is one of those people who care enough about her work and your enjoyment that she will fix anything that needs to be fixing. Some authors choose not to care about it, so props to Inyri for her diligence.

The biggest issue with this recruitment mod is that amount of dialogue files that will use Juhani’s audio; a game like Knights of the Old Republic has so many dialogue choices that it depends on someone’s playing style to encounter certain situations that other people wouldn’t think of. This mod mostly will patch up areas of where Juhani’s audio will speak instead of Kay.

There are other little fixes included in this mod as some of the broken dialogue files have been fixed that have stopped some of the plot quests to be completed. Inyri has also recorded new audio for Kay to add or help replace some of the dialogue replacements for Juhani.

The TSL Patcher will install this patch. Make sure you go over Inyri’s readme file or you’ll regret it. I’ve noticed that many people didn’t heed my warning from my last review and were complaining about things that wouldn’t have been an issue if they had just took the time to read the instructions. Let’s see who is patient and who isn’t. Enjoy the patch! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


Make sure you get the original mod for this one to work!;85258

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Download 'recruitable_kay_patch_1_01.7z' (1.32MB)

A Knights of the Old Republic
Recruitment Mod
by Inyri Forge

Version 1.01 PATCH


1. Description
2. Installation
3. Changelog
4. Reporting Bugs and Suggestions
5. Distribution and Usage Notes
6. Credits and Thanks
7. Legal



This is the version 1.01 PATCH for the mod Recruitable Kay: A Knights of the Old Republic Recruitment Mod. It fixes various dialogue-related bugs that were present in the original release as well as adding some minor content and dialogue to help move the quest along.



This mod uses the TSLPatcher for easy installation. After running TSLPatcher.exe simply follow the included instructions. These files will be set to OVERWRITE so if you have another mod that uses dialogues that you would not like to lose, please be sure to check the TSLPATCHDATA folder first to see if any of my dialogues will conflict with yours. If this is the case you may either want to make a BACKUP of any dialogues you want to keep, or simply install the patch manually.

To manually install the patch simply copy all MP3 FILES to the streamwaves folder, LOCALIZATION.MOD to the lips folder, and all other files to the override folder. No 2DAs have been edited, so manual installation is a reasonable alternative.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: You MUST have v1.0 of the RECRUITABLE KAY mod already installed for this patch to take effect! Get it here:;85258



The following changes have been made to the mod:

Version 1.0:
Original Release

Version 1.01 Patch:
Dialogue fixes to remove remaining Juhani voice lines.
Dialogue fixes to correct broken dialogues which inhibited proper gameplay.
Addition of two additional dialogue sections (one between Kay & PC and another between Kay & Lynara) to help direct the currently ambiguous quest progression.



Despite the fixes in this patch I'm certain there are still bugs in this mod, and I'm more than willing to correct them in future patches! If you find any you can contact me with any of the information listed below:

E-mail: [email protected]
AIM: JadesFire777
MSN: [email protected]
YAHOO!: inyri.forge
WEBSITE: (Recruitable Kay forums:

E-mailing me bug reports or (preferably) posting them in the appropriate forum on my website will be best so that I have a hard copy of the information, so if you wish to contact me via instant messenger you may want to do either of those as well. When you report a bug please format your e-mail or post as follows, so I don't accidentally delete it as spam:

For E-mail: Recruitable Kay Bug Report
For Forum: A concise description of the bug in the Bug Reports forum
BODY: Include your nickname, your preferred e-mail address and any other means of contact, as detailed a description of the bug as possible (description of the bug, when and where it occured, whether or not you could duplicate the bug, and the severity of the bug, such as whether or not it impeded gameplay), and if applicable some screenshots of the bug.

In addition to bug reports you can also send me suggestions for the mod if you like. I don't guarantee I'll implement them, but I'll certainly take them under advisement and give them some consideration!



You may not distribute this archive to any other site. Because of the amount of time and effort that went into this mod, if you would like to use any part of it in your own mod I would appreciate it if you would contact me first. 



The credits here will be shorter since it's just a patch, but they're important all the same. First of all I would like to thank STOFFE for creating the TSLPatcher. Amazing tool, to be certain. Secondly I'll thank TK102 for DLGEditor. I somehow managed to break every dialogue in the mod (hence the current problems) but that's probably my fault, so thanks all the same for the wonderful tool! And of course let's not forget FRED TETRA for KotOR tool.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank all the folks who reported bugs, without whom this patch would probably not exist. I'd like to especially thank FRANTFIRE for his amazingly descriptive, concise, and most importantly visual bug reports. He made my job sooo much easier. <3




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