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This mod adds a red Twi'lek as a selectable PC head. Personally, I think it's colored overly brightly, but beyond that it's fine - insofar as it can be without a new model for the head, anyway. My gripe with most 'such-and-such as selectable PC head' mods is that they look more fitting as heads for NPCs than the player.

This mod uses the TSLPatcher, FYI, so you won't have to worry about compatibility if you download it.

Note: Please remember to give the author of the mod feedback, as the download count isn't particularly verbose. Written comments tend to be much more useful and encouraging.

-Emperor Devon

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K1 Red Male Twi-lek Head mod by ZimmMaster

What it is: This is my first attempt at head reskinning. What it does is add a red male twilek head to K1. What I did is reskin DRAGOON ZERO’s K1 Orange Male Twilek Head mod with parts of the Playable Male Red Twilek mod for TSL after I got rid of the pink parts of the head 'cause when I played the game with it like that it looked really bad.

Description: This is a mod that gives you a red twilek male head for K1. The underwear is republic soldier armor which I kept the same also the portrait I kept the same too 'cause when I tried to make the orange head red it messed up the uniform partially shown in the portrait and made it look really bad and I mean REALLY bad.

Bugs: None, I hope

Terms of Use: You may use this mod without my permission credit in the readme to me, DRAGOON ZERO, and BIO Shazard since the portrait and the head itself are DRAGOON ZERO's and BIO Shazard's files I just made the head red instead of orange.

Enjoy the mod, ZimmMaster

Credits: DRAGOON ZERO,and BIO Shazard for the twilek heads.

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