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If you’re looking for someone totally different to play as your player character in the first Knights of the Old Republic, you may wa...


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If you’re looking for someone totally different to play as your player character in the first Knights of the Old Republic, you may want to see what this mod has to offer to give you that “different” feel you crave. Let’s face it, this game is nearly six-years-old and the only thing that gives anybody motivation to play it again is to experience something different.

Anyway, Rtas_Vadum gives something that he created out of his imagination with a little inspiration Anime Bleach. I was trying to figure out what species the author tried to create when I was going over the mod contents and screenshots and to my surprise that it isn’t something that was created in the Expanded Universe. Well, I’m not familiar with Anime Bleach where some of the inspiration came from so if you are maybe you will see where it came from.

This mod does have the appearance.2da, heads.2da, and portraits.2da files in the download. The author acknowledges that he knows it could give you some trouble if you don’t know how to .2da edit, so no need to get into it. It will however turn some people away from downloading it.

There is some hope for you if you really like the mod and I can tell you something you are capable of doing if modding isn’t one of them. You can tell this is based off of the fifth female Caucasian head selection so you could just rename the texture files to PFHC05.tga, PFHC05d1.tga, PFHC05d2.tga, PFHC05d3.tga, PFHC05d.tga, and the portrait files to po_PFHC5.tga, po_PFHC5d1.tga, po_PFHC5d2.tga, po_PFHC5d3.tga, po_PFHC5d.tga! If you’re not going to use that head selection anyway, why not just replace the files if you like this mod and don’t know anything about modding. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'new_pc_renae.rar' (2.47MB)



I.What is this?
III.How did you come up with the look?
VI.How do i use this?
V. Uh, no offense, but should i not want this mod anymore, how to i remove it?


I. What is this?

This a mod that adds a new character head to the game. While it may be a reskin of one of the default heads, it does have some severe changes. Such as it has its own custom underwear skins, as well as using juhani's default clothing as the PC default clothing, but only for this head. 


II. Why?

The purpose is to give people, (myself included), a different look to the game, which having a new head to play with, does make the game different. 


III.How did you come up with the look?

Well, it started with my liking of the head design and texture. But as it is, i wanted it to be mostly unlike any other head additions i've seen. The most noticable feature of this would be the shiny eyes, which the area behind the eyes turn completely black. That would be inpired from the anime Bleach, in which the main character, Ichigo, sometimes is "possessed" with a kind of spirit, that turns his eyes orange, and the eyeballs black. The shine is also on the lips. The skin is also different than most of the default ds transitions. Rather than the veins, the skin lightens with each ds trasition, and settles at a gray-ish color.


IV. How do i use it?

Since this mod uses 2da files, those being "Heads", "Portraits", and "Appearance". Should you have any of those in your override folder already, to use this you must know how to edit 2da files to use this. But to avoid problems, add this mod to your override first. It would be compataible with any mods that use the TSLpatcher, provided that you already have this mod in your override.


VI. Uh, no offense, but should i not want this mod anymore, how to i remove it?

Just delete the files contained within this rar archive from your override. 



Fred Tera - For the KT program

Any of those who offered me even a slight bit of help with this, many thanks to you.

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