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We all loved the Stormtrooper mod that Prime released, right? Well, if you liked that one, you can go the opposite direction. That is go to the Clonetrooper route from the Prequel Trilogy for the original Knights of the Old Republic game.

Lots of options you can choose from in this mod. Make the Republic troops become Clonetroopers. Since Carth is a Republic solider, you can change his appearance to be one that resembles the clones of Jango Fett as seen in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Now that won’t alter his personality if you’re wondering, just his head.

You also get the different colors that symbolize the ranks of the different Clonetroopers, and you also get the DC-15 rifle model (by Locutus). Bneezy and Xavier2 also helped out with getting this helmet in the game. Read the readme for instructions on the different installations. There are .2da files involved so you will have to do some merging if you are using those specific files in any other mods you have in your override.

If you’re interested in making this mod compatible with the Stormtrooper mod, ChAiNz.2da made a patch for Prime to make that possible. You can get the Stormtrooper & Clonetrooper Patch Here. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




KOTOR Republic Clone Trooper Mod
A part of the Movie Episodes Conversion for Kotor (MECK) Project

Version: 1.0


Skinned each armour texture and helmet texture.  Jointly skinned the 
DC-15 rifle.  Created the inventory scripts for the the armour, helmet, 
and blaster rifle.  Added the scripts to add the armours to the game
as findable items.  Created the icons for the armour and helmets in the


Imported the clone and pilot helmets created by the Jedi Academy AOTC/TC
team.  Made the helmets wearable by the PC and party NPCs.  Created new
heads to replace those for the Republic troopers. 


Jointly skinned the DC-15 blaster rifle and created the icon.  Edited the 
appropriate files to replace the republic troopers and Carth with clonetroopers.  
Created the textures for the clone replacement of Carth as well as new clothes.


Modeled the DC-15 baster rifle.

This mod adds Republic Clone Troopers to Knights of the Old Republic.  There are multiple
armours and helmets that reflect those seen in Attack of the Clones.  These variants are:

Standard Trooper - White
Sergeant - Green
Lieutenant - Blue
Captain - Red
Commander - Yellow
Pilot - Yellow with unique helmet

Part 1: Player Items
This adds clone trooper armour that is wearable by players and party NPCs.  The mod 
includes both body armour suits and helmets, and they can be equiped independently 
of each other. Along with altering the characters appearance, the clone trooper armour 
provides the following bonuses to the player characters:

Body Armour:
Defense +14
Max Dexterity Bonus +0
Limited environmental protection

Awareness +4
Immunity to poison

Part 2: Clone Trooper Replacement
This replaces all the Republic troopers with Clone Troopers.  All other features and 
behaviors of the Republic troopers remain the same, with only their appearance altered.  
Carth is also altered to look more like the clones from AOTC, as well as provides him
with suitable clothing.  His behavior is also not altered.

This zip file contains two directories. The "player items" directory contains the 
armours, helmets, and blaster rifle.  The "soldier replacement" directory contains
all the files needed to replace the republic troopers with clone troopers, and turn
Carth into a clone.
Extract these files into a directory of your choice.  NOTE: make sure that the "use folder
names" option is selected.  This will result in the two directories mentioned above 
being created with the appropriate files found in each of them.  

OPTION 1: Player Items

Copy all the files from the extracted "player items" dierctory into the KOTOR
"Override" directory.  This adds all the armours so that they can be found at various
points throughout the game.

Cheats can be used to add the armours and helmets to the player character's inventory.
To enable cheats, in your game directory edit swkotor.ini and under [Game Options] 
add EnableCheats=1.  Start the game then when playing press ' to bring down the console
prompt, which appears as a ">" in the upper left corner.  At the console prompt, type 
"giveitem <item name>" to add the item to the inventory.  

The item names are:

Soldier: soldier_armour, soldier_helmet
Sergeant: sergeant_armour, sergeant_helmet
Lieutenant: lieut_armour, lieut_helmet
Captain: captain_armour, captain_helmet
Commander: commander_armour, commander_helmet
Pilot: pilot_armour, pilot_helmet
Rifle: g_w_hvrptbltr097

OPTION 2: Trooper Replacement

Copy all the files from the extracted "soldier replacement" dierctory into the KOTOR
"Override" directory.  

Once the files have been moved to the Override directory, the player items and soldier
replacement directories can be deleted.

Simply remove all the files from the Override directory.

Known Issues:
When the Republic troopers are replaced with the clone troopers, they loose their head 
animations.  The result is their necks appear "stiff".  This shouldn't be
too noticable though.

If you encounter other issues, please report them to Prime's email address specified 
above.  We will do what we can to correct them.

NOTE: if you already have a modified appearance.2da or heads.2da file in your Override
directory, DO NOT replace those with the versions included in this mod.  This will
have undesirable affects on the other mods.  You will have to choose which mod you
want to use.

Thanks to the AOTC/TC for allowing us to use his awesome Jedi Academy clone trooper 
helmets and skins.  Thanks to all the members of the team for coming together and 
working on this mod.   

Thanks to Fred Tetra for creating the truly fantastic kotor editing tool.  Also 
a appreciative shout out to the many friendly folks at the Lucasforums' Holowan 
Laboratories board who have provided guidance and insight as well as answering 
numerous questions.

Finally, thanks to Bioware for making a truly kick ass game...

This mod is not supported in any way by Lucasarts or Bioware.

You may alter or modify these files for your own personal use.  

If you wish to use any or all of these files for you own public mod, please
contact ALL OF US for permission at the email addresses at the beginning of this file.  If 
we grant permission, please give us credit and include this readme file with your mod.

If you wish to use the clone trooper helmets in a mod, you will also have to get permission
from the models' creators, the AOTC/TC team (http://www.aotctc.com/).

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