Republic Uniform Reskin



Let's face it, those screaming red and yellow Republic uniforms? Not only are they universally unflattering, but they're about as good of a "shoot me" sign as a red shirt on the Classic Enterprise (pardon my crossing universes)! They make that construction-cone jacket of Carth's look like a vast improvement.

Anyway, Dark Diva struts out on her debut with a reskin to make those uniforms a bit less eye-blistering. There are now red panels, but toned down to look less like a bulls-eye. The rest of the panels are done in muted grays. Dark Diva also included an officer's version for Admiral Dodonna.

Again, and especially with a first mod, roses and onions are needed. Critique is the only payment these fans get for their hard efforts.




Knights of The Old Republic

Title:		Republic Uniform Restyle
Author:	DarkDiva
Email:		Send a PM to Dark Diva at Lucasforums.com; spam is evil.
Released:	November 26, 2007
Size:		2457 KB

Description:	“Who designed those uniforms anyway?  A blind Rodian with a sick sense of humor?” – Mission Vao in Kotor 1.

Even though Mission was referring to the Sith she could have just as easily been talking to a Republic soldier.  Let’s face it; as bad as the Sith uniforms are I think the Republic’s are worse.  So this is my attempt to up recruitment for the Republic Fleet!

Actually on my umpteenth time playing KOTOR I got tired of looking at the same old things.  As I have just begun learning to extract files with the Kotor Tool, reskins have been for the most part the files I’ve been playing with.  What better candidate than the horrid orange and red uniforms the Republic wears?  These files simply change the uniforms for soldiers, officers and Admiral Dodonna to a deeper red; the orange to silver and darkens the leather for the belts and holsters.  Nothing drastic but I think they look a bit snazzier.

Installation:  Simply drop all the files from Override into your Override folder.

Conflicts:  This mod of course will not work with any other mods that change the look of the Republic uniforms.  If you want to use it for Mods that put the uniform on the PC or Carth, I imagine you’ll just have to copy and rename the skin file that corresponds to the one the char is using and in what clothing slot (as I mentioned I am VERY new to modding so go ask someone smarter than me!).

Bugs/Issues:  None as far as I know, but if you come across one send a PM to Dark Diva at the lucasforums.com in the Knights section.  This is my very first public mod and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few were found.

Permissions:  You may do whatever you like with this mod for your own personal use.  If you wish to use any of the files in this mod please send me a PM at Lucasforums first and give me a little credit in your readme… or I shall hunt you down and pour beverages on your hard drive.

Thanks:  I’d like to thank the Academy…  Seriously thanks to everyone who ever posted a tutorial at Holowan Labs and everyone who has put their time and effort into modding this game.  I have run into some great mods over the past year that inspired me to finally give it a try myself.  Thanks to those guys who allow people to download PAINT.net for free as I haven’t the couple hundred bucks to shell out for Photoshop.  Lastly but in no way least a huge thanks to Fred Tetra for the Kotor Tool.

Disclaimer:  This mod is provided as is.  I take no responsibility for any damage caused to your computer by this mod.  Bioware/Lucasarts doesn’t endorse or support this mod.  They probably don’t even know about this mod.  They probably don’t even know about me.  I made no money from this, I will never make any money from this.  I do it because I have too much free time.

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