Restoration of the Black Vulkar Base

KotOR restoration mods have been popular of late, haven't they? Here's another one from DarthJebus05 and Seamhainn that lets you visit the (...


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KotOR restoration mods have been popular of late, haven't they? Here's another one from DarthJebus05 and Seamhainn that lets you visit the (cut) third level of the Vulkar base.

If you've looked in the game's modules or visited Holowan much, you probably know what this is and can skip the paragraph I'm currently writing. If not, here's a quick rundown: originally there was another section of the Vulkar base the PC had to visit in order to retrieve the passcard that allowed access to the garage level (presumably the other two methods of entering it found on the main level would have been cut). Down there the PC would have to retrieve the passcard by hacking through some enemies or doing a quick fetch-and-retrieve quest for a spice addict who had it (not incidentally, the item to retrieve for him was spice - also guarded by enemies to hack through.) Apart from that, there was also a lab tech to play Pazaak with (s/he had a male voice actor and a female body, so that was very amusing), and a lab tech the PC could play twenty questions before leaving along or killing for no apparent reason.

This all sounds rather complete, doesn't it? Actually, it was. Literally the only thing left to change by the BioWare devs would've been the appearance used for the Pazaak player (though some might prefer him/her as-is :p). It turned out they thought the extra area made the Vulkar base sequence too long, and decided to cut the area so as to make it less tedious. Following that they turned the former elevator down to the level into an armory with some moderately valuable loot, and added the option to hack the base's computer or loot a passcard off one of the Vulkars in the level to access the garage.

Graciously, however, they left the module (tar_m10ab) in the game's resources once shipped. It's actually surprising it wasn't released sooner given how relatively easy the restoration is; simply removing the placeables in the elevator and adding an area transition trigger would've been enough to make it accessible without cheats. (And if you wanted to make the level necessary to visit, removing the option to disable the turrets from one of the base's computers as well as the passcard from one of the Vulkars.)

Anyways, after around 4 years of everyone being too lazy to make those tweaks DarthJebus05 and Seamhainn came around and made them. Apart from changing the gender of the pazaak player to match his/her voice, it's pretty much the same as it is in the game's resources (and with reason, it really was mostly complete). Huzzah for restored content!

Oh, and one thing to remember: this mod changes the dialogue.tlk file, which makes it incompatible with mods that add new planets (and thus new galaxy map descriptions) such as RedHawke's ORD Mandell mod.

Note: Please remember to give the author of the mod feedback, as the download count isn't particularly verbose. Written comments tend to be much more useful and encouraging.

-Emperor Devon

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AUTHOR: DarthJebus05
EMAIL: [email protected]
NAME: Restoration of the Black Vulkar Base

-The biggest credit of this mod goes to Seamhainn (more credit than I!) for restoring the 
modules for me.This was his idea by the way! I only helped him the the DIALOG file, the 
voices, the DLG files and some door editing!
-Fred Tetra for the KOTOR Tool
-And the friendly members at Holowan forums!

FILE SIZE: 1.65mb
DATE RELEASED: 13th January 2008

DESCRIPTION: This mod restores the cut content in the Black Vulkar Base. You will come
accross a door guarded by 2 droids, which they were originally gaurding the Armory.
They will now be guardian a elevator to take you to the cut content area.


-Put the tar_m10aa file into your MODULES folder

-Put the tar_m10ab file into your MODULES folder

-Put the DIALOG file into your KOTOR FOLDER (Make a backup of the file before overriting it)

-Make sure you either start a new game to get there. Or you could warp to 'tar_m10aa' using
a save game from AFTER you have left Taris!!

COMMENTS: This mod was quite fun to make actually. It was only completed due to Seamhainn's
determination! Both me and Seamhainn made this mod, not just me.

BUGS: Almost all of the footlockers will be empty. THIS IS NOT A BUG. There were no items 
in them to start with. If you spot any bugs, please tell me or Seamhainn.

PERMISSIONS: Contact Seamhainn or I before editing this mod if you plan to release it to the


Seamhainn has been planning to make a Enchancment mod, to make the area more interesting, due
to lack of storyline and items in the cut area. I will most likely join him for this project 
as well. 

Comment from Seamhainn:

A further enhancement is planned to make it worth visiting that level. But to accomplish that 
I'd like to discuss my ideas with one or two people first. For that I am
anxiously waiting for CrisG establishing his forum.

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