Restoration of the Black Vulkar Base

If memory recalls, people love to skip Taris which is why Lit Ridl’s mod Skip Taris has already gotten over 10,000 downloads so far....


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If memory recalls, people love to skip Taris which is why Lit Ridl’s mod Skip Taris has already gotten over 10,000 downloads so far. So the idea of expanding on that planet may not appeal to some people, but then again some people love new things and the idea of restoring content that was cut from the game really has great appeal to some.

Restoring cut content to the Black Vulkar Base has already been done for the first Knights of the Old Republicgame, but sometimes when two authors make things, it would seem people think it’s a good idea to make it compatible with each other. According the author, DarthJebus05, there was demand for him to make this compatibility patch to work together with Seamhainn’s work; so here it is for those who need it.

The Black Vulkar Base had a module cut out. I explored the cut module that is in your game incomplete one time and I could see why it was cut from the game. It really slowed down the pace of it. Many movie directors has cut content from their film for similar reasons in the past. Since this game is almost five years old now, it would seem that doing something new in it becomes fun.

Make sure you read the readme about installation and other possible instructions to make it work properly. Enjoy the update! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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AUTHOR: DarthJebus05 and Seamhainn
NAME: Restoration of the Black Vulkar Base

-The biggest credit of this mod goes to Seamhainn (more credit than I!) for restoring the 
modules for me.This was his idea by the way! I only helped him the the DIALOG file, the 
voices, the DLG files and some door editing!
-Fred Tetra for the KOTOR Tool
-And the friendly members at Holowan forums!

FILE SIZE: 1.65mb
DATE RELEASED: 13th January 2008

DESCRIPTION: This mod restores the cut content in the Black Vulkar Base. You will come
accross a door guarded by 2 droids, which they were originally gaurding the Armory.
They will now be guardian a elevator to take you to the cut content area.


-Put the tar_m10aa file into your MODULES folder

-Put the tar_m10ab file into your MODULES folder

-Make sure you either start a new game to get there. Or you could warp to 'tar_m10aa' using
a save game from AFTER you have left Taris!!

COMMENTS: This mod was quite fun to make actually. It was only completed due to Seamhainn's
determination! Both me and Seamhainn made this mod, not just me.

BUGS: Almost all of the footlockers will be empty. THIS IS NOT A BUG. There were no items 
in them to start with. If you spot any bugs, please tell me or Seamhainn.

PERMISSIONS: Contact Seamhainn or I before editing this mod if you plan to release it to the


Seamhainn has been planning to make a Enchancment mod, to make the area more interesting, due
to lack of storyline and items in the cut area. I will most likely join him for this project 
as well. 

Comment from Seamhainn:

A further enhancement is planned to make it worth visiting that level. But to accomplish that 
I'd like to discuss my ideas with one or two people first. For that I am
anxiously waiting for CrisG establishing his forum.


AUTHOR: DarthJebus05
NAME: Restoration of the Black Vulkar Base v1.1

FILE SIZE: 1.65mb


This is just a compatability update due to demand for Seamhainn's and my Black Vulkar Base Restoration mod for KOTOR.
This will allow compatability for the Restoration to all mods that don't use the files:

- tar_m10aa

- tar_m10ab


-Seamhainn for helping with the original version




The other Readme for the original release is included in the .zip file. It also tells you how to install the mod.

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