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Not often do we get a video to preview an upcoming mod, but this happens to be the case with this recent release. If you like watching K...


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Not often do we get a video to preview an upcoming mod, but this happens to be the case with this recent release. If you like watching Knights of the Old Republic videos, then that will be fun too for you. Big projects such as this future mod should have a video for people to view just so users understand what they’re getting themselves in.

DarthJebus05 makes his FileFront debut with this video that previews a new storyline he’s creating for the first Knights of the Old Republic game. The change starts right away when Trask enters your party because another Jedi from Bastila’s party that accompanied her comes into the room too named Reign. This Jedi will be with you for the whole game and will work with your PC and Carth when starting on Taris. There is a story twist with this Jedi, but I won’t spoil it.

The video itself starts off with your first encounter with the Black Vulkars on Taris showing you that you have a Jedi working with you when the Vulkars and Hidden Beks have their street fight and after the Vulkars win, they decide to kill you and you party too. Later it skips where you confront Bastila on top of the Rakatan Temple showing you the change to that storyline. It shows just your PC and the Jedi Reign while Reign speaks Jolee’s dialogue. This means Jolee has been replaced and Juhani kicked out of the game. The video ends with the dark side ending of the game.

A lot of work need to be done before this mod can be released for the public. The author is looking for recruits to help him finish this mod and that includes voice actors. I’m sure the author will have plenty of details to offer in the mod’s thread, so feel free to ask questions as I’m sure this will be a busy thread. Enjoy the video! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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AUTHOR: DarthJebus05
NAME: Revans Choice
CREDITS: Belcameron, DarthJebus05 (Jebus) 

FILE SIZE: Approximately 36.00 MB

DESCRIPTION: This is a mod which toally revamps the main KOTOR plot. You start off
as a character like you normaly would, you wake up after the Sith start attacking,
instead of Trask entering the room, a Jedi from Bastila's party enters by the name of
Reign. You fight your way to the escape pods and to Carth. You crash land on Taris,
you, Carth and Reign have to find a way to save Bastila. Instead of you being the ex-Sith
Lord, Reign will be. Reign remembers his past as the Dark Lord (this may be altered).


-Two new playable characters, Reign and Almerius, both Jedi which replace 
Trask/Jolee Bindo and Juhani

-Reign will join your party at the very beginning of the game

-Almerius will join your party on Dantooine

-Carth can be force trained, but only enough to wield a light saber and a few force powers

-A new world to travel too, Telos (this may also be altered)

-Your choices affect you alone. If you follow the path to the Dark Side, Revan may be reborn
and then you will perish. If you follow the light side, you may be able to save the Galaxy

-More side quests and a huge alter to the story line

-Juhani will be in the game still, just she can not join your party


Reign had changed his appearance before the Endar Spire. The Jedi Council can sesnse Revans
presence. They think it is your main character. But what happens when the revelation comes...

KNOWN BUGS: (From trailer)

-Jolee's voice is still the same. We have not gotten that far into the voice acting

-The dark side points were bugged, but are now fixed.


If you want to help with this mod, please email me or IM me on MSN (emails are up the top).


Knights Of The Old Republic and the Star Wars theme is not owned or made by me.

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