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Quote:This mod will let you turn Malak back to the light side if you are playing on the lightside. For traditionalist lightsiders like me, this mod is useful for those who never liked not being able to redeem Malak . I haven't been able to test it yet, since it happens at the end and I don't have an end-game save yet, but it should work fine.


To be honest I don't have a clue what this exactly updates because the author doesn't state it in the readme. Hopefully spelling errors in the dialog or something along those lines are fixed.

- JediKilla

From what I can tell, all that is different is that some words have been corrected in Malak’s dialog.

- Enterprise2002

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---- LS: Save Malak by Archer ----

I am a traditional LS-player. And I was very sad that I wasn't able to save Malak. Then I saw "2 Altered Endings (Turn Malak LS - Turn Carth DS)" by KristyKristic. And I thought "Yeah that's what I'm seeking for!". But it wasn't because you only can save Malak if you are a female DS-Player. But I don't play female and DS. And I don't want to. But I wanted to save Malak. And there were all scripts I needed. So I created my own new entries in the StarForge-Malak-Dialog. First I wanted to use the endscene from KristyKristic but (of course) there were only the DS-surviving partymembers and Malak. So there will be no Malak in the LS-endcutscene. This Mod creates one new reply in the LS-Malak-Dialog. This Entry will lead you to one point where you have to decide wether you let Malak die or you heal him.

Just put all the files into your Override (except the files in the subfolders). If you are asked to override files from the "2 Altered Endings (Turn Malak LS - Turn Carth DS)" by KristyKristic say yes, because these files are the same as the ones from kristykristic.
There are two subfolders: German and English. The files in "German" are the ones for German users. And the files in "English" are the files for English users. Not too difficult, I think. In each subfolder there are two subfolders: "With 2 Altered Endings" and "Without 2 Altered Endings ". The files in "with 2 altered endings" are for the players who have installed "2 Altered Endings (Turn Malak LS - Turn Carth DS)" by KristyKristic and the files in "Without 2 Altered Endings " are for the players who don't.
Note: If you have installed "2 Altered Endings (Turn Malak LS - Turn Carth DS)" by KristyKristic you should remove "k_sta_darthmalak.dlg" from your Override because this file brakes a dialog on the starforge-level where you meet Bastila if you play LS (the last one before you fight against malak) and it isn't necessary for the mod because the game doesn't use it at the point where kristykristic thought that it does. I think he has fixed this problem but it seems that he has still included the bugged file.

Terms of Use:
You can use the files from this mod for everything you want but if you publish it, you have to mention me in the readme.

KristyKristic, whose scripts I'm using for this mod and from whom I got the idea for the mod.

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