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ChAiNz.2da has brought us some new armor to us. This version is specially made for those who love wearing armor while as their Jedi Class. So what’s special about it? Well, this will not restrict your Force Powers, and gives you the protection that armor usually gives you (up to 10 points with upgrades). The author made this with a Jedi wearing this in mind. Read the readme to find out what type of protection it will give your PC.

Another great point about this mod is the textures. The author makes it a point in all his mods that he releases with new textures that they be top quality. See in the screenshots to find out for yourself. This mod does have a .2da file, so be cautious about installing it, especially if you have no skills in .2da editing. ChAiNz.2da has written instructions on how to do .2da editing for those who are learning how in the readme.

To get this mod without using the console, you can find it in the Rancor’s corpse on Taris. If you are past that point in your current game, or you just want it now, just type... “giveitem g_a_segwyn87” (without the quotes).

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




Authors name : 

Authors Contact: 
[email protected]  (please put 'Kotor' somewhere in the subject)

Mod Name: 
Segan Wyndh Armor by ChAiNz v1

Length of time to make : 
Apx 3days, messing with textures and alpha channels...wheeeee, and then there was that Force Power restriction thing...whew scroll down to the bottom to see what I mean...

Description of Mod:
This mod offers a re-skinned (male & female) version of the Cinnagar Plate Armor (with some goodies and no armor proficiencies required). Other than the pockets (which I've tried my best to at least look kewl), I've always thought this armor looked the best. Especially for the "No Fru-Fru Robe Wearing battle" Jedi's ;)  

Segan Wyndh's Armor 

Upgradeable Item, Segan Wyndh's Jedi Armor

Designed with the Jedi in mind, this unique armor was thought to have originated during the Exar Kun Wars. Providing the protection most often reserved for the most elite of soldiers, this armor is deceptively light, allowing the Jedi's Force Powers to work uninhibited...

- Base Armor 8 (10) (12 after upgrades, w/o dex bonus)
- Defense Bonus +2 (10 total)
- Uncanny Dodge I
- Awareness +3
- Immunity Sneak Attack
- Regeneration +2, requires upgrade
- Uncanny Dodge II, requires upgrade
- Improved Saves +1 (universal), requires upgrade
- Damage Reduction  Bonus+5, Soak(5), requires upgrade
- Defense Bonus +2, requires upgrade
- Immunity Critical Hits, requires upgrade
- NO restriction to Force Powers!! 

Files included: 

baseitems.2da **

dpad_swa_rncr.uti	<--datapad with Rancor body pile
tar05_corpsepile.utp	<--placeable, Rancor body pile on Taris (Sewers)


Just extract all files into your Kotor override directory.**

** IMPORTANT - this mod uses a baseitems.2da file. If you are already using a mod that uses this file some editing will be required (see below). If not, just drop that puppy in your Kotor Override directory and you're set! (skip to step 16)

Editing Steps: (Be sure to backup any existing "baseitem.2da" file)

1- Using Fred Tetra's Kotor Tool, open the "baseitems.2da" file in your Kotor Override directory.

2- <Right-Click> on Line 42 of the list and click <copy>

3- Scroll down to the end of your list and <Right-Click> on the row labeled "*", click <paste>

4- Click on the row labeled "(Row Label)" and change entry to the next available (consecutive) number in your list. (It's very important to remember THIS particular number)

5- In the column named "label" change entry to "Segan_Wyndh" (without quotes, WITH underscore)

6- Scroll waaaay over to the right (a little over half-way) and in the column(s) named "reqfeat" (there are 5 total, ending with 0-4) change each of these entries to "****" (without quotes)

7- OK, 3 columns over to the right there's one named "dexbonus", change this entry to "8" (without quotes)

8- Next, scroll to the end and change the column "itemtype" value to "38"

9- After that, in the next to last column, change the entry to "leather". I'm not quite sure if this DOES affect anything, but it definitely doesn't hurt and it seems to pull off what it was intended to do ;)

10- SAVE file (baseitem.2da) and exit Kotor Tools.


11- Using GFF Editor (or similiar), open the "g_a_segwyn87.uti" file in your Kotor Override directory (or wherever it's being kept at the moment).

12- Expand your tree (list) so you can see the entry "BaseItem", usually 2 lines down and click on it.

13- On the right, you should see a screen with a number entry of "92". Change this number to whatever number the Line was in your edited "baseitems.2da" file (see step 4)

14- Click on any other line and make sure the BaseItems new number took affect.

15- If so, save the file and exit GFF Editor  :)  if not, repeat steps 11 & 12

16- Grab a drink (leaded or unleaded), Grab a snack, Grab your smokes (those that do) and ENJOY!!



1- with cheats enabled, type "~" (without quotes) and enter:

giveitem g_a_segwyn87

2- Press <ENTER>

** For the Anti-Console, just drop the "dpad_swa_rncr.uti" & "tar05_corpsepile.utp" files into your Kotor Override folder. You'll find the items in the Rancor's body pile on Taris (Sewers).


Just delete all the files associated with this mod.**

**If you had to edit the baseitems.2da file, DO NOT remove it! This will make any other mod using this file not work. Leaving your edited entry in the 2da shouldn't affect the game, Or you can delete the line altogether if it's a bother...


Special thanks to:

- Holowan Laboratories for all the great resources!

- Kitty Kitty who compiled the VERY useful Tools and mods list

- Fred Tetra for the Kotor Tool app, outstanding!

- cchargin for the KMM mod manager prog, a lifesaver!

- Achilles for ALL the great tutorials which made this mod possible!

- Darth333 for the Easy Warping Armband, a must to test any mod!

- Jackel for this 'readme' template!

- To everyone else I may have forgotten, and to all who have tried this mod out (or at least got this far in the readme)...Thank you!



[] Achilles - http://www.freewebs.com/achilles01/
[] RedHawke - http://www.citlink.net/~redhawke/
[] tk102

to better understand, check out this thread:



This Mod is not supported by LucasArts or Bioware. Please do not contact them for support of this mod. 

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