Sith Planet of Taris

Rueben_Shan makes his FileFront debut with an one of kind mod that sure should catch the interest of downloaders for the original Knights...


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Rueben_Shan makes his FileFront debut with an one of kind mod that sure should catch the interest of downloaders for the original Knights of the Old Republic game, especially after checking out the screenshots.

What this mod does is change a lot of the different NPC’s you run across on Taris into Jedi or Sith. For example the Hidden Beks have become Jedi and the Black Vulkars have become Sith. Now, when I say Sith in this case, I mean dark lords, not the organization during the KOTOR time period.

So what you’re going to get is NPC’s who fight with a lightsaber and use the Force. This is very handy mod to download if any of you out there have a mod that makes your PC a Jedi before being trained on Dantooine, or you just want the extra challenge that comes with it. Most UTC files on the original KOTOR are safe to edit without any conflicts. There are some exceptions and I’m not going look up each individual ones and find out if any will conflict your game since there are 82 of them. I’m just warning you if there is a NPC you run across and a scene is screwed up and this has never happened before this mod was installed, you know why now. Hopefully the author tested this mod out from the beginning to the end. I will say that this will add some excitement to Taris. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'taris_sith_planet.rar' (128KB)

Sith Planet of Taris


I've changed Brejik to a Dark Jedi Master(didn't change name, lvl. 9) and his "cronies" to Dark Jedi.  
I also changed the Gammoreans to Sith, and the Gammorean leader to a Sith Lord.  The Swoop Gangs are 
now Jedi Vs. Sith, however they are still refered to as "Swoop Gangs".  Unfortunately, some of the 
Black Vulkers still look like they did before... but I've changed most of them. Brejik is the Dark
Lord of the "Swoop Gangs," Darth Aroes.  Gadon is the Jedi Grand Master.  (Even the Jedi use Dark Powers!)
I've changed some Hidden Beks to Republic Soldiers... but I didn't ENHANCE them.  I've even changed 
the Sith Govenor to the "Dark Lord of the Sith" on Taris.  He has a lightsaber, which is funny, 
because he still says that maybe his master will give him his lightsaber for killing Revan and Bastila.

Extract all the files in the 'Override' directory.


Not for Newbie players...

Gadon isn't a Jedi if you fight him... if you find any, e-mail me at [email protected]

Special Thanks to Fred Tetra for Kotor Tool

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