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So, do you think those Sith uniforms you see in the game Knights of the Old Republic are pretty cool? If so, read on. Archer makes his return to KOTOR modding after three month break from it. Sometimes time will bring you back. ;)

One of the author’s previous mods gave you the option to wear the Sith uniform for your PC as your default clothing. Well, Sithofficer gave Archer the idea of making an alternate version of this mod. That was good enough for the author and decided to run with it.

So now you’re wondering what is different about this mod if you haven’t peaked at the screenshot yet. Well, the females haven’t changed, but the males have. If you start off as a Scoundrel class, you get to wear Saul Karath’s uniform as your default clothing. If you choose to be a Scout, you’re still wearing the traditional Sith uniform. If you decide to pick out the Soldier class, you get to wear the Sith Apprentice armor. The funny thing is your appearance has armor, but you don’t get any defense bonuses for wearing if unless you edit basic clothing .uti files.

This mod is user friendly by way that it doesn’t use any .2da file editing. That’s usually a bonus if you can mod without using it so it doesn’t cause any mod conflicts. The only you will have is if you are currently using any alternate model files for your basic clothing on your PC. Of course if you’re interested in this mod, that won’t be problem since you’ll probably want to replace it anyway, right? ;) Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.




---- Sithuniforms 1.3 (Alternate Version) by Archer ----

This changes the original clothings into :
 - Soldier:  - Male:   Sithapprentice-Armor
             - Female: Sithuniform

 - Scout:    - Male:   Sithuniform
             - Female: Sithuniform

 - Scoundrel:- Male:   Karath-Uniform
             - Female: Sithuniform

Version 1.3:
Using other files now ---> compatible with all other mods, installation much easier.

Installation: Just put all the files into your Override. 

Just delete all the files you've put into your Override.

Terms of Use:
You can use the files from this mod for everything you want but if you publish it, you have to mention me in the readme.

Sithofficer, for the idea.

[email protected]

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