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Before I really get into this mod review, I just need to say the words, “HOLY CRAP!” Now, let’s get to it. One of the unique things about...


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Before I really get into this mod review, I just need to say the words, “HOLY CRAP!” Now, let’s get to it. One of the unique things about the Star Wars Universe is the different alien species that are out there that are intelligent and blend in with society.

Playing the Knights of the Old Republic games by default only give you the option to be a human. BioWare followed by Obsidian really never took advantage of using the different species as head selections, which is a shame in my opinion, especially since there are some really cool species out there that would be fun to play as.

The very talented RedRob41 is back yet again to help solve the lack of species to choose from problem with the first Knights of the Old Republic game. This isn’t just a mod you install and just select a new head from multiple species to choose from; instead this mod is set up uniquely. You start a game and doing the opening credits and cut scenes and then wake up as a human. However when Trask comes in to tell you get to your gear and help rescue Bastila, new dialogue options come up and then you get to choose what you really are and there are a lot of different species to choose from in this mod.

The TSL Patcher installs this mod. Please go through the lengthy readme to get the most out of this mod and avoid conflicts and possible problems you could have had just because you were too impatient to read instructions. There are so many cool things to learn from the readme. Enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'k1_pc_species_mod_by_redrob41.zip' (677KB)

Species specific feats for K1



Significant changes have been made to the end_trask01.dlg file, and may cause compatability 
issues with any other mods that modify this file. If you already have a copy of this file 
in your override folder, you may need to manually edit the file using dlgeditor. This mod 
also replaces files for w_warblade_001 (Wookiee Warblade) because the new one will fit a 
character's hand position better, and have a bare metal shine.


Description: This mod enables the Player to choose a specific race to play as. Each different 
race has a different set of bonuses and deficiencies, as well as a small history write up on 
the Feats page. The info contained in these write ups was found mainly on Wookieepedia, with 
a few modifications. It may also be possible to use this additional "dummy" feat as a "feat required" 
check in other mods or scripts.
It will also add a locker with species specific weapons or items. New weapons are: 
"Gimer Stick" (like Yoda's cane); "Large Dagger" (Short Sword that is sized for short PCs); 
"Thogk Club" (basically a Gamorrean club with spikes in it); "Hand Axe" (a single handed 
Gamorrean axe); 3x "Bith Instruments" (musical instruments with weak attack power); 
"Safety Shades" (Miralukan eye protection). 


Directions: Please click TSLPatcher (InstallMod).exe to start Installation.

The mod should activate automatically, but you won't be able to choose a race until the game 
starts aboard the Endar Spire. Keep in mind that on top of what you choose during the character 
creation process, that additional attribute and skill modifiers will happen once in game. After 
the opening cinematics finish, the PC will awake on the Endar Spire, and Trask will come in to 
talk with you. After he says the line:
"I'm Trask Ulgo, ensign with the Republic Fleet....I guess that's why you haven't seen me before."
He will then say (without a voice over)  the additional line:
"Until seeing you face to face, I've never really known what race you were."
The PC will then have 24 options, over 3 screens, to choose from. After the PC answers, Trask 
will continue with his usual next line:
"Now hurry up, we have to find Bastila!..."
and the conversation will continue as normal. Once this first dialog ends, and you are able to 
open the footlocker, you should be able to check the PC's attributes and feats for the applied changes.

The options appear in the dialog screen in this order:

1. Human: No change, since they are the galactic standard
2. Mandalorian: Regeneration 2, Blaster Bolt Deflection Decrease -2; Locker: Mandalorian Blaster
3. Twi’lek: AB Cha +2; Dex +1; DSM Aware -1; Locker: Clothing Variants 2, 3, & 4
4. Cathar: AB Dex +1; Str +1; Con +1; DAS Int -1; Wis -1; SB Stealth +6; DV Sonic 25% for 2 Rounds; 
           Locker: Double-Bladed Sword; Monster Damage 1d8; On Hit Properties Fear DC 18 25% for 2 Rounds
5. Wookiee: AB Str +2; Con +2; DAS Int -1; Wis -1; DV Sonic 25% for 2 Rounds; Monster Damage 1d8; 
            On Hit Properties Stun DC 18 25% for 2 Rounds; Locker: Wookiee Warblade, Wookiee Bowcaster
6. Rakata: AB Con +1; DAS Wis -1; DI Dark Side 25%; DB vs Light Side 1d8; 
           Locker: Rakatan Battle Wand, Quarterstaff
7. Nikto (ex Swoop Gang): AB Con +1; DSM Pers -2; DI Fire 10%; Locker: Quarterstaff
8. Duros: AB Wis +1; DAS Dex -1; SB Rep +1, CU +1; DV Dark Side 25% for 2 Rounds; Locker: Quarterstaff
9. (view more choices...)

1. Zabrak (ex Darth Maul): AB Con +2; DSM Rep -2; Defense Bonus vs Blugeoning 2;
	Locker: Zabrak Blaster Pistol, Double-Bladed Sword
2. Ratataki (ex Asajj Ventress): AB Dex +1; DSM CU -1; Regeneration 2; DV Cold 25% for 2 rounds; 
        Locker: Quarterstaff
3. Frogling (ex Yoda): AB Wis +3; Int +3; DAS Con -2; Cha -2; Str -2; BF Perceptive; 
	Improved Force Resistance Bonus 10; Locker: Large Dagger, Gimer Stick
4. Hybrid Lizards: SB Stealth +4; DSM Pers -1; CU -1; DV Cold 25% for 2 rds; Monster Damage 1d8; 
        On Hit Properties Poison DC 18 Average Damage; Improved Saving Throws Poison 1; 
        Locker: Quarterstaff
5. Trandoshan: AB Str +1; DAS Cha -2; SB Demo +1, Aware +1; DSM Sec -1;	Regeneration 1; 
        DV Light Side 25% for 2 rounds; Locker: Disruptor Pistol
6. Rodian: AB Dex +1; DAS Cha -1; SB Aware +1; DSM Pers -1; Locker: Quarterstaff
7. Selkath: SB Aware +1; Pers +1; TIn +1; DSM Demo -1; Stealth -1; Monster Damage 1d6; 
        On Hit Properties Poison DC 10 Average Weakness; Locker: Quarterstaff, Sonic Pistol
8. Aqualish: AB Con +1; DAS Cha -1; SB Demo +1; DSM Pers -1; DI 5%each Cold, Electrical, Sonic; 
        DV Fire 25% for 2 rds; Locker: Quarterstaff
9. (view more choices...)

1. Gammorean: AB Str +2; Con +1; DAS Int -1; Wis -1; Cha -1; DSM Stealth -4; CU -2; 
	BF Weapon Focus & Weapon Specialization Melee Weapons & Simple Weapons; Monster Damage 1d8; 
        On Hit Properties Confusion DC 18 25% for 2 Rds; Locker: War Axe, Club, Hand Axe
2. Jawa: SB Rep +3; DAS Str -2: Locker: Ion Blaster, Large Dagger
3. Sand People: AB Con +1; DAS Int -1; Locker: Gaffi Stick
4. Ithorian: DAS Dex -1; SB Rep +1, Demo +1; DSM Stealth -1; DB Sonic 1d4; Locker: Quarterstaff
5. Bith: AB Int +1, Wis +1; DAS Str -1, Dex -1; SB Aware +1; Locker: 3x Bith Instruments
6. Echani: AB Dex +1; DSM Demo -1; Improved Saving Throws Will +1, Reflex +1; 
           Reduced Saving Throws Fortitude -2; Locker: Echani Ritual Brand
7. Iridorian: DAS Wis -1; Mighty Melee; Extra Melee Damage Bludgeoning; 
        Locker: Disruptor Pistol, Hold Out Blaster, Hand Axe
8. Miralukan: DAS Con -1, Cha -1; BF Perceptive; Improved Saving Throws Force Powers 1; 
        Blaster Bolt Deflection Increase +1; Locker: Quarterstaff, Safety Shades
9. (view previous choices...)

AB = Attribute Bonus		Str = Strength		CU = Computer Use
DAS = Decreased Attribute Score	Con = Constitution	Demo = Demolitions
SB = Skill Bonus		Dex = Dexterity		Stealth
DSM = Decreased Skill Modifier	Int = Intelligence	Aware = Awareness
DV = Damage Vulnerability	Wis = Wisdom		Pers = Persuade
DI = Damage Immunity		Cha = Charisma		Rep = Repair
DB = Damage Bonus		Sec = Security
BF = Bonus Feat			TIn = Treat Injury

If you feel that these stats are unbalanced, or you want to tweak them for your own use, feel free 
to do so. To do so, open the uti file with Kotor Tool and click on the properties tab. Just do not 
change or delete the first entry at the top of the list. This entry is the Bonus Feat that points 
to the text that describes the chosen race. It may show in the list as either "Error" or 
"Wookiee Toughness". Before running the TSLPatcher, I needed to use a dummy feat and chose 
"Wookiee Toughness". The Patcher replaces this entry with a line created in the feat.2da file, 
and changes the name to "Error". Changing this entry will cause the race description on the feats 
page to go missing, but all other entries should still apply to the PC.

While it is possible to give your PC every bonus available, doing so would make the game very easy 
and boring. I've tried to keep the bonuses balanced and relevant to the species, but everyone will 
have their own opinion. If you have any suggestions, please respond on the website thread for this 
mod on Lucas Forums. Thanks.


To Uninstall: delete the included tga, uti, ncs files from the override directory, and replace the 
dialog.tlk and feat.2da with previously backed up files. The end_trask01.dlg file can be deleted, 
or if another mod uses it, replaced with a previously backed up file.


Disclaimer: By downloading and using any of my mods you agree that I will not be held responsible if 
anything goes wrong with your computer because of your use of my files. Use my mods and files at your own risk.


Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR I) and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The 
Sith Lords (KotOR II) are copyright © LucasArts, Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment respectively. 
No copyright infringement is intended by me.

My special thanks to everyone who's made a tool or program that helps out with modding KotOR, especially 
those found at http://www.starwarsknights.com/tools.php.

A BIG thanks goes out to Stoffe for basically holding my hand and leading my blind monkey self through 
the whole process step by step, which can be viewed at http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=181550
and for creating the TSLPatcher, which makes this mod load smoothly.

Questions? Contact me at Lucas Forums: redrob41

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