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I know for a fact that there will be several people out there that will be happy to see that someone finally made a mod like this. That’s r...


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I know for a fact that there will be several people out there that will be happy to see that someone finally made a mod like this. That’s right folks; you can skip Taris and go strait to Dantooine to become a Jedi and one of my favorite modders, Lit Ridl made it all possible.

What else is there to say? You skip Taris. It’s that simple. Well, you will get all the items you can collect from Taris, like Brejik’s items, the experience points you would have received and of course the party members (Carth, Mission, Zaalbar, Bastila, T3-M4, and Canderous) you would have recruited during that portion of game play. Within seconds you have everything recorded as if you had done that portion of the game. You didn’t do it yourself, but the game will think you did. I know many people don’t like doing Taris because your PC doesn’t get to be a Jedi, use Force Powers and a lightsaber. I can understand that. Personally, I love doing Taris and I know I’m not alone. I really enjoy that part of the game because it is so different from the rest of it. Plus it feels like doing something close to Coruscant. I love doing the duel arena in the Upper City Cantina and especially taking out Bendak Starkiller. I do know that many people miss doing the Jedi thing, which is why most people bought the game. Well, now you can just skip the non-Jedi part and get to your Jedi training right away.

This mod uses the TSL Patcher for easy installation. Make sure you read the readme file because you will have choices to make which side of the Force you want to go and the choices you will have when playing your game. You’re about to cut out at least a couple of hours of game play or more (it take me about an hour and a half to an hour and 45 minutes to complete both the Endar Spire and Taris). Have fun! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future. The author for this mod really worked hard to make it work, so please take the time to thank him.


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Super Skip Taris & Endar Spire
For Knights of the Old Republic I
Installing mod:
About mod:
This mod will modify Trask’s dialog giving it some extra dialog options.
There are 3 additional options (Skip Endar Spire, LS skip Taris, DS skip Taris.)
Reason why it is called super:
•	It has both LS and DS skip Taris options
•	No need in replacing something
•	All items from standard game-play will be given to you
•	It will add all party members that you get on Taris to your party (Carth, Bastila, Mission, etc)
•	It sets all globals and Booleans to the right LS/DS value, that prevents your game from the doom
•	It gives you alignment/experience points and credits, the same amount with the standard game-play
•	You will not lose any quests, they are added when mod is activated
Lit Ridl – for creating the whole mod
Yaggles – for idea of skip Taris mod
Darth HaHa – I decided to make my own mod after I saw his, so he was stim
Stoffe – for TSL Patcher 
e-mail: [email protected]

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