The Lost Apprentice

If you ever need to have something new to add to your gaming experience in Knights of the Old Republic, this is the kind of mod you m...


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If you ever need to have something new to add to your gaming experience in Knights of the Old Republic, this is the kind of mod you may take a liking to. It’s nothing huge, just something minor to enjoy while exploring the Unknown World created by the talented Marius Fett.

Here is what happens. There’s a Dark Jedi on top of the cliff above the Ebon Hawk. Now, how he got there without be attacked by Rakatan, or how there are any living Rakatan around there since you do have to fight them is unknown to me, but he’ll be there as if nobody noticed him, but you.

***Warning – Spoilers*** According to the author, this Jedi is mad at Revan for abandoning the Sith. If I remember correctly, Revan didn’t abandon the Sith, he/she was attacked and lost his/her memory and is still trying to figure things out. It’s not like he/she could just go up to Malak and say, “Well, I’m back and that means I’m in charge again.” It’s just not that easy to do that. It makes me wonder if this Sith must have missed the memo or something about what really was going on with Revan since it was common knowledge that Malak “killed” Revan until he/she rose from the grave. Personally I would have went into the direction that if this Sith kills Revan, that Malak will reward him. Personally it would make more sense plot wise.

Anyway, you have a chance to either calm this Sith down, or fight him. There will be light and dark side choices that will affect your alignment with this mod. Unfortunately the dialogue by this Sith is mute, but the author has stated that this mod shouldn’t be considered final as there is a possibility of having this Sith become voiced and recruitable. Maybe you all could give some insight in the comments about what you think.

Oh, keep in mind that the author separated the contents of the mod in what goes into the override folder in two different folders. One is labeled override, while the author is the compiled scripts folder. Both of the folder contents need to go into the override folder to work. A suggestion to the author in the future is to have it all in one folder and keep the source files by itself for modders to mess with if they so desire to prevent people from coming back to the comments and complaining about the mod not working because they didn’t install the scripts. Anyway, enjoy the mod! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'lostapp.rar' (1.23MB)


The Lost Apprentice


This mod adds a new NPC on the Unknown World for you to talk to, and possibly battle. He will spawn atop the cliff, after you speak to the Duros on the beach.

Install: Just copy the contents of the "Override" and "Scripts Compiled" folders into your KotOR Override directory. Don't bother with the "Scripts Source" folder, as the files in there just contain the Source Code for the mod. This is only of interest to modders.

Note: This is most likely NOT the final version. I will possibly be releasing add-ons over the coming months. (Possibly including the option to recruit the apprentice). Also, I was not able to give him a VO this time around, and may release the VO's in an add-on/update later on.


I want to thank Quanon for the BEAUTIFUL saber he created for the apprentice to use. Cheers Q!

You may NOT use this mod, or any part of it in your own creations without consulting me PRIOR to doing so. 
You may NOT host this mod on any site other than KotORFiles without my express permission.

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