The True Sith Part One



I’ll just give you a heads up that this mod review includes spoilers. If you’re haven’t played the game all the way through, I wouldn’t read this review and I would not even use this mod either. The choice is yours as you have been warned in advanced. If you choose not to read this and think the mod is cool because of the screenshots you see, the game won’t end as originally intended.

DarthRevan243 makes his FileFront debut with a new ending to the first Knights of the Old Republic game. After Darth Malak is defeated by Revan, Malak’s ghost is revived by the ‘True Sith’ and you must go to the planet of Jambiim and confront Malak again. This is one of those mods where if you want something to do after the original ending, you got one. This is just part one of this expansion of the game.

This idea reminds of Darth Sidious in the expanded universe books when he would possess clone bodies and come back to life and Luke Skywalker and company had to deal with him again. Personally I think it’s just another way to drag out the game. If anything I would put a new plot during game play. There is a summary about how this works out at the bottom of the readme section of this release. Enjoy the mod! :D

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Knights of the Old Republic Modification
Author: Canyon Workshops team
Website: http://freewebs.com/canyonworkshops
Forums: http://canyonworkshops.proboards61.com/index.cgi?
Version: BETA
Created: 15th April 2008

Description of the mod:
This mod is a BETA for part one of our big add on project: The True Sith mod.
At the end of the game, when you defeat Malak, he'll die but emerge as a ghost preserved
by this powerful holocron on the beach planet of Jambiim. You'll arrive to find out what Malaks
plan is and to attempt to end him forever...

If you haven't got one, create a folder in your KotOR Main folder called Override.

Extract the module to the modules folder.

In game type in jbm01aa in the cheat console. to enable cheats open up swkotor.ini and under 
game optians type EnableCheats=1.

Play the mod!

Removing the mod

Delete the file jbm01aa from the modules folder. Easy!

This BETA version is comatible with every single mod that exists (None of them use the same name). 
When the actual version comes out we'll use the TSL patcher.


I would like to thank the Canyon Workshops team with the mod:

Ferc Kast
Jake Dakari

And Bioware, LucasArts and George Lucas for making this game possible.

Conditions and Terms

You may not edit this mod as we have fused the files together. You may not post this mod on 
the internet.

Canyon Workshops and the Canyon Workshops logo are registered trademarks of Canyon Working Ltd. 
© 2008 Canyon Working Entertainment Team Ltd. or Canyon Working Ltd. & ® or ™ as indicated. 
All rights reserved.

This is the mod that we've been focusing on lately. It's a continuation of K1 where after you kill Darth Malak his ghost (Force Energy) is preserved by his holocron on the Alien and republic outpost on Jambiim. Once you see that he's not dead you set off to Jambiim to stop malak from whatever he's up to. On the way you see a vision of Malak being revived by 'The True Sith'

You'll arrive on Jambiim to the republic outpost to find out that Malak's plan is to convert every living thing in the galaxy to the dark side and make every world look like Malachor V! You can either save the remaining republic soldiers and get a lift in the sister hawk or kill everyone and save a mandalorian captive and he'll take you to the next planet in the mod: Raxus Prime.

After you battle with Malak on Jambiim, he and his holocron go round the galaxy converting, taris, dantooine, korriban until you canfornt his army at Raxus Prime, twin planet to Genosis. You fight wave after wave of his armada before you destroy malaks holocron turning the remaining corrupted people back to normal. You thought this would kill malak but you realise the true sith have revived him!... 

Malak journeys to dantoine and finds Darth Bandon, dead, he uses the force Harvester (Picked it up while you were chasing him around the Galaxy) to bring him back to life. When you get there you must fight the true sith and a Stronger Malak and Bandon! You win but the true sith get away! You set off to find them. <Mod Finished and credits roll>


5 years ago

Would be cool if you didn't have to use the cheat console. so you can play this mod on moble