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Today ZekkGarEn brings you a party reskin pack, which reskins the entire party apart from HK-47; So if your bored of the default appearance of the party, these relatively subtle reskins may just be for you! The reskins are adequately done; as with such mods a review of screenshots would be best to establish if this mod is for you

Enjoy! -- jonathan7

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Full Party Reskin Mod 1.0
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Mod

Insert the files into your LucasArts > Knights of the Old Republic > Override folder.

Delete the files from your LucasArts > Knights of the Old Republic > Override folder.

This mod makes many changes to the entire party. I reskined all of the faces and all of Zaalbar and T3-M4. Here are the changes I made.

||Jolee Bindo||
Given full, black beard.
Eye color more saturated.
Most wrinkles removed.
Eyebrows now black.
Added some gold teeth.

||Bastila Shan||
Eye color now blue.
Hair now blonde.
Lips now more lightly colored.
Eyebrows now blonde.

||Canderous Ordo||
Hair now red/brown.
Scar added on side of lip.
Eye color more red.
Teeth more brown.

||Cath Onasi||
Beard thickened.
Eye color now blue/green.
Lip color darker.
Teeth whitened.

Eyes now magenta.
Lips more grey.
Someneck and face hair removed.

||Mission Vao||
Lip color now blue
Eyebrows blue/purple.
Iris's enlarged.
Freckles added on forehead, nosebridge, and cheecks.

Fur changed to black.
Brown stripes of fur above the eyes.
Brown stripe below the mouth.

Now dull orange and blue.
Eye changed to orange and green bullseye shape.

No changes made... Sorry.

I hope you like it!!!

This mod distributed anywhere besides filefront without the permission of ZekkGarEn.

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