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When LucasArts announced that there was going to be a sequel to Knights of the Old Republic, the game that won multiple game of the year awards, fans of the game got really excited, and that includes me. Ever since Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords came out on PC, most people who modded for the original game flocked their modding skills to TSL. Even newcomers to the games for the most part focus more on TSL. It’s funny because when polls are done which game is better, K1 wins, but more people mod for TSL. If you look around the site, 70% of our total mods are TSL. It’s confusing isn’t it?

_Jango_Fett_ makes his FileFront debut by adding another launcher to our collection. It’s meant for K1, but says TSL on it. What he did is use the original launcher design of K1 and change it to TSL colors, put the TSL logo on it, and changed BioWare to Obsidian on it. I guess the author is helping others when they actually play their K1 game to make them feel like they’re playing the sequel. I’m wondering if there is a subconscious part of some people to want to do that. I’ll never figure it out, just like I’ll never figure out why people say they like K1 better, but mod mostly for TSL. You’ll still hear the music piece from your showdown with Darth Malak when opening the launcher, but just have the TSL visual.

You’ll have to make sure you put the BMP picture that comes in the ZIP file into the launcher folder, not the override folder. The author says to put it in the override folder in his readme, but listen to my instructions. Make sure you make a backup copy of the original swlauncher.bmp file before you install it just in case you want to switch back to the original picture file, or you can get the copy of it in one of your installation discs if you know where to look in there to get the original. I say it’s much easier to put a backup somewhere, or change the name of the picture file to get easy access to it if you decide to switch back. Well, enjoy the new launcher for those interested in it! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.





This Launcher is the Kotor1 one, with the green color from Kotor2

Install: Put "swlauncher" into your "override" folder.If you don't have on, make one

Deinstall: Simply delete that file from your "override" directory.

by _Jango_Fett_

Dieser Launcher ist der von Kotor1, mit der grünen farbe von Kotor2

Installation: Vershiebe "swlauncher" in den Ordner "override" Wenn du keine hast, mach einen

Deinstallation: Lösche einfach die Datei vom "override" Ordner

von _Jango_Fett_

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