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Sometimes when you watch a movie, you sometimes wish there was an alternate ending, right? When playing Knights of the Old Republic, we tend to look at that game as one big movie because of all the story that goes behind it. There are two different endings; one is the light side ending and the other is the dark side ending. Wouldn’t it be something to have different options for each ending?

*SPOILERS* will be mentioned in this review, so if you haven’t finished the game and don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you turn back this page now. Besides, this is a mod you shouldn’t play with until you have finished the game at least once anyway.

Kristy Kistic is back with a wonderful mod. There are two new optional endings; one for each different ending (one light side, one dark side). Let’s first discuss the new light side ending. The option you get here is to redeem Darth Malak. At the end of the game, Revan was redeemed and Malak mentions that he wonders what his fate would have been if their roles have been reversed. Kristy made it possible to not only save Malak, but to redeem him to the light side. This means you will see Malak with our heroes at the celebration presented by Admiral Dodonna and Master Vandar. Kristy even went as far as altering some of Malak’s audio dialogue to fit the new dialogue to redeem the Dark Lord. It really sounds good and it sure beats mute dialogue.

Now let’s talk about the second alternate ending option. This one could get a little tricky since more conditions have to be met in order for it to work. This is the alternate dark side option which allows you to have Carth join your cause and actually be there with Revan and Bastila at the end. The conditions that have to be met is your Revan has to be female. You must romance Carth into falling in love with Revan. If you have successfully done this before, you will already know that Carth will show up by the Ebon Hawk after you defeat Darth Malak. This time you can convince Carth to join the dark side and rule at your side.

If you wanted one or both of these types of endings in your game, Kristy has now provided that for you. Enjoy the new endings! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.





I have occasionally had problems with this mod playing through the end cut scenes without sound. Usually reloading and going through it again will solve this. I don't know what's causing this problem, so I don't know how to fix it. Any help on this would be appreciated. [email protected]


If you examine the starting script for the light side ending you will notice that it calls for executescript b_robe58 - a non existent script. This is intentional. Due to where executescript is located in the main script, if it actually finds a b_robe58 script to execute it will remove the pc from the cut scene. It works fine to just let it attempt to execute something that isn't there. (I really did not want to have to do more hex editing
to remove it.)

 IMPORTANT NOTE #3           !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you kill Bastilla. To resume the conversation with Carth - turn around and open the door to the elevator behind you. Go inside. Bioware's trigger is inside the elevator. A script will bring you back. (JdNoa overcame this obstacle by altering scripts, but I wasn't able to identify exactly what was changed - and I didn't want to steal his files - plus my mod completely abandoned ship once or twice with those scripts installed. Better
off to just do it the hard way.)


There are prerequisites to using this mod. It is based ENTIRELY on Carth's showing up on the star forge dialog. So...

1) You must have chosen the dark side at the temple summit.
2) You must be female (or both).
3) You must have successfully romanced Carth so that he shows up on the star forge.

A script checks all these conditions when you defeat Malak. (Which affects his dialog.) I'm not sure my romance check (14 or better) is accurate and if anyone knows the exact number to check, I would appreciate a reply. [email protected] :)


1) to get the new light side ending you must save Malak. Whether or not you kill Bastila is up to you.

2) to get the new dark side ending you must kill Malak AND persuade Carth to join you.


There are two files containg Malak's dialog. sta_firstjedi_co.dlg and k_sta_darthmalak.dlg. (They both contain the exact same cut scene dialog.) My save game always uses sta_firstjedi_co.dlg. It may be possible that under different circumstances the game may access k_sta_darthmalak.dlg instead. I have included all
the dialog in this file, but since I haven't actually seen it in use, I have no idea how it will turn out. I used the same camera angles from sta_firstjedi_co.dlg, but since its in a different dialog file, it may not use the same cameras or angles. Should this turn out to be the case, perhaps you could edit the k_sta_darthmalak.dlg yourself and then send me a copy? Please? Please please?? Please please please don't make me do it?


By default the dark side ending will show the pc in Revan's robe without the mask. To have Revan with the mask extract I Want Revan With The Mask!!.zip to the override dir. To wear your own clothes extract I Want To Wear My Own Clothes!!.zip to the override dir.


Simple enough. Extract to your kotor main directory. All files will go where they should. There is only one file in this mod that should attempt to overwrite an original game file. (If you have other stunt mods installed - such as JdNoa's "Alternate DS Dialog" it may attempt to overwrite them. JdNoas'mod is NOT compatible with this one. They're both based on the exact same dialog and one stunt name.) 
The one game file that will try to overwrite is in your kotor\lips folder named sta_m45aa_loc.mod. It will not hurt to overwrite this file as the new one contains all the lip files of the original plus a few extra. Still I HIGHLY recommend you rename your original sta_m45aa_loc.mod file to sta_m45aa_loc.mod.original. When possible, ALWAYS KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL GAME FILES -- MOVE OR RENAME THEM!

I have included a small app (with source) written in vb5 for automatic deletion of the installed files. It is dependent on its ini file so make sure the app and the ini are in the same directory. If you would rather manually do it, you can view the ini for a list of what to remove. One file will not be removed with automatic deleting sta_m45aa_loc.mod. If you renamed it then you can delete the new one and rename your original back to this. If you overwrote your original then you need this file so DO NOT delete it. If the app errors and bails then you'll have to do it manually. I used it and it worked fine for me.


This mod started out as a restoration of Carth's romance dialog. Something I did before I realized JdNoa had already done it. So this is a continuation of that. I have spent a LOT of time on this mod and I am sick of messing with it. I'm not gonna work on camera angles or dialog delays anymore. Maybe someday.


Tools I used in order of how much I used it

Fred Tetra's Kotor Tool - extremely useful
frhed (Free Hex Editor) - http://www.kibria.de
nwnnsscomp.exe (Script compiler / decompiler) - I HATE command lines :)~
TK102's Dialog Editor 2.2.1
rim32_build.exe - rim compiler - it compiles itself into the rim - real funny :( 
   I didn't think about it when I made the rims, but it may be possible to compress the
   rim32_build.exe with an executable compressor to obtain smaller file sizes.
cchargin's mdlops (very useful for getting a models exact location in a cut scene. 
   I used this to determine where to place Carth in the ds ending.)
   To determine which models are used view the dialog in kotor tools conversation editor.

   A note for anyone wanting to know how I altered the endings
The brunt of achieving this involves rewriting the main k_scene_start script on the lowest level possible - pure hex editing. (I don't mean simple changing text and saving - I mean inserting and removing (sometimes jumping) entire functions.) So if your new to this and wanna try your hand at it - better learn to read pcode!

To add new functions to a precompiled script: 
It helps to decompile the script to pcode to study where to insert code. (Random insertions ain't gonna cut it.) Take a random script that YOU wrote and you know what does and compile it. Then decompile it to pcode. Now add the extra code to the end of the same script and compile it again. Decompile it again. Now compare the differences between the two pcodes. You can now open the new script in a hex editor, select the block of just the added material (using the offsets in the pcode), copy it, open the file you want to paste it into and then paste (using insert). Figuring out exactly where to paste can be tricky. You have to study the pcode and sometimes just use trial and error. For instance, I used this method to insert an executescript function into both ending scene start scripts (so I could execute my own code.) In the case of the light side ending
several jump statements were added to avoid trying to create dead characters. I also added a whole new block to create zaalbar without all the checks to see what you did on kashyyyk. (Malak is a skinned Zaalbar.) My biggest gripe is Bioware's very limited scripting functions. There were so many things I wanted to do that there just weren't functions for :( I know this may sound confusing, but the only way to learn is to do it.
Guess what? This was my first time to hex edit files in this type of manner. I've changed text and such before, but I've never completely altered how a file executes. You just gotta study the pcode - and read nwscript.nss to see what some functions do - and study the pcode. If it weren't for the decompiler I wouldn't have been able to do anything.

Breaking cutscenes is interesting. I have wandered around the hammerhead (Dodonna's ship), the ls ramp (the ramp is ALL you can wander), and the lower level of the ds ending. The majority of the characters here are two dimensional. If you look at them from the side they have no thickness. Like a multitude of cardboard cutouts standing there.

Anyway, I hope this mod is enjoyed. I spent a lot of time on it (especially for as brief as it is.) I am for the most part pleased with the end result (especially the ds ending.) I know there are some camera angles that aren't right and some especially long dialog delays, but I'm through messing with it for now.

[email protected]

11-09-2005 update:


Concerning note #6 k_sta_darthmalak.dlg has been removed and repackaged into a rim file.
Usage of this rim probably won't be necessary. It will overwrite an original game file so renaing the original to k_sta_darthmalak.dlg.original would be a very wise idea. I don't recommend using this rim UNLESS you have installed the mod and the option to save malak doesn't present itself. (And assuming you have met the prerequisites.) It won't hurt anything to use this file - just don't overwrite your original.

The reason for the change is because the dialog file was causing a problem in the previous 

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