Wearable Juhani Clothing



Mod Rating: Basic

Rtas Vadum returns once again to bring us a yet another new mod, this time replacing the default clothing for the game with some based upon the style of Juhani's. The user may choose from either the default Juhani clothing, or a set of alternate reskins with one for each class, which can be seen in the screenshots below. The reskins are fairly simplistic, more recolours than anything, and the mod is neither of great complexity nor requiring much effort input. If the author is improving, it is difficult to tell. This mod does not use the TSLPatcher, so expect some possible incompatibilities.

N.B.: Please leave constructive criticism, particularly if you download and use this mod, as the download-counter isn't very informative.

-Darth InSidious



Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic
Wearable Juhani Clothing

Author: Rtas Vadum
Mod Type: Default Clothing Change

Description: Changes the default clothing to use Juhani's clothing style. It includes either her 

default texture, or reskins of it.

Installation: Drop the .mdl and .mdx files into your override. Then chose which skin you want to 

use, and drop the files from the appropriate folder into your override. Do NOT put the files from 

both folders into your override.

Uninstall: Remove the files from your override.

Myself, for the reskins
Fred Tera, for the great KOTOR Tool program.

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