Wearable Juhani Clothing

Juhani really wasn’t a favorite character in the first Knights of the Old Republic game mainly because of her looks and some of it wo...


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Juhani really wasn’t a favorite character in the first Knights of the Old Republic game mainly because of her looks and some of it would be her whiny personality which didn’t help matters with some of the fans of the game. Anyway, BioWare did make some cool looking clothing models, they just didn’t actually give them very good textures with them and that has prompted many modders out there to redo the textures and prove that they probably should have been the ones doing the textures instead of the people who did them when developing the game.

Anyway, since I mentioned Juhani and clothing in the first paragraph, I’ll get to it that this mod is for female player characters and their default clothing for all of their classes being changed to Juhani’s default style clothing with new textures to them that look very cool by Rtas Vadum. Once you do that, the changes in this mod will by instant so there will be no restarting your game for this to work. This is a 2.0 version of the mod and the changes the author did are mentioned in the readme file.

Now here is where I give input for those who want to use one of those textures the author made for Juhani’s clothing instead of replacing the clothing for the female PC’s. What you do is find the one you want to use for Juhani and change the name of the texture to P_JuhaniBB01.tga and dump that into your override folder and you have the new texture ready for use for Juhani. Enjoy! :D

Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


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Download 'wbjc2.rar' (1.6MB)

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic
Wearable Juhani Clothing V2

Author: Rtas Vadum
Mod Type: Default Clothing Change

Description: Changes the default clothing to use Juhani's clothing model, with a reskined texture. The new texture looks more like armor, and this version also has a textured look to the cloth parts.

pfbbl(.mdl, .mdx, .txi, and .tga) - Soldier
pfbbm(.mdl, .mdx, .txi, and .tga) - Scout 
pfbbs(.mdl, .mdx, .txi, and .tga) - Scoundrel
cm_baremetal.tga - destaturated to make the shine look better

Installation: Drop all files into your override folder. 

Uninstall: Remove the files from your override.

Changes from V1:
Juhani's textures are not in this release
Added cm_baremetal shine on the armor
Included a edited cm_baremetal.tga

Myself, for the reskins
Fred Tera, for the great KOTOR Tool program.

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