Yoda Animation Fix for KOTOR



produced I shall partially quote from that review; "this essentially gives the Vandar model a full set of animations. For those who didn't know Vandar's species lacked all the animation sets, so normally if you change a characters appearance to Vandar, and ask them to say do a flurry attack the charachter will just look like it's been frozen in carbinite. This should be compatible with pretty much any other modifications out there, except for ones which edit the same model file."This will complement well with certain other modifications out there, such as Shem's Jolee turns into Yoda species mod; as the charachter will finally have for example combat animations. All in all this is an excellent modification, so if you've ever wanted to play as Yoda... Now is your chance!Enjoy! -- jonathan7Please leave the author praise and constructive criticism; which are often far more valuable than rating mods...Mod Rating: Advanced


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