Kohan II: Kings of War

Kings of War, the latest game to the award winning fantasy real-time strategy series Kohan, returns players to the magical world of Khaldun. Players will find themselves caught up in a civil war, even...

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The Unexplored Ice Reaches (beta) 231KB 56
2v2 Unsupported 653KB 53
Removes Hotkey 309B 40
2v2 Special 409KB 46
Golden Valley (1vs1) 141KB 59
Attempt 266KB 41
Laststand (Full Version) 306KB 168
Royalist Campaign 159KB 111
Kohan II: Kings of War Wallpaper #1 109KB 41
Kohan II: Kings of War Wallpaper #2 96KB 23
Kohan II: Kings of War Wallpaper #3 87KB 20
Kohan II: Kings of War Wallpaper #4 105KB 19
Kohan II: Kings of War Wallpaper #5 82KB 20
Kohan II: Kings of War Wallpaper #6 141KB 21
Kohan II: Kings of War Wallpaper #7 129KB 22
Kohan II: Kings of War Wallpaper #8 122KB 28
6+2 Mod 3KB 106
Extra Kingdoms Mod 82KB 268
Tellus 111KB 50
Night and Day 386KB 67
Tribes 392KB 227
Final Stand Map 267KB 138
Handicap Choices for AI Mod 75KB 84
Templates Mod 2KB 257
Kohan II KOW Burn Map 418KB 162
Kohan II: KOW Capal Pass Map 268KB 60
Kohan II: KOW Circle Island Map 547KB 111
Kohan II: KOW Dead's River Map 396KB 60
Kohan II: KOW Dragon's Spine (RF) Map 159KB 65
Kohan II: KOW Eden (AL) Map 128KB 107
Kohan II: KOW Gauri Defense v1.05 Map 105KB 53
Kohan II: KOW GO Alpha Map 704KB 100
Kohan II: KOW Hellstrand Map 99KB 50
Kohan II: KOW Invasion! Map 291KB 55
Kohan II: KOW Jamsheed's Homecoming 262KB 51
Kohan II: KOW The Hunt Map 504KB 111
Kohan II: KOW Lost Hills (AL) Map 165KB 50
Kohan II: KOW Melchior's Tale Prologue Map 184KB 61
Melchior's Tale Episode 1 145KB 111
Kohan II: KOW MymineminesV1 Map 59KB 47
Reaching Yellow Oak Map 91KB 41
River Runs Through It Map 381KB 41
Roxanna Campaign Ch. 1 Map 2.75MB 84
Kohan II: KOW Savage North Map 367KB 60
Kohan II: KOW Shadow Valley Map 218KB 222
Kohan II: KOW Snake Bite Map 469KB 71
Snowblind (AL) Map 149KB 121
Kohan II: KOW Winter Breach Map 589KB 104
8-Corners Map 309KB 70
Alpine (AL) 235KB 56