Left 4 Dead

Setting out to do for co-op gaming what Counter-Strike did for team combat, Left 4 Dead is an ambitious survival horror game. Running on the Source engine, Left 4 Dead leaves four armed survivors of a...

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
The Grave Outdoors - Complete v2.1 Guest 352.34MB 512
L4D1 Sounds Guest 226.79MB 671
L4D Modified Talker Guest 181KB 209
Quebec Hells Francis(motard) Guest 22.87MB 266
Francis Hells Angels Quebec for L4D1 and L4D2 Guest 44.61MB 83
Zero 2 Guest 3.1MB 554
End of Humanity beta 3.0 Guest 197.63MB 2809
The Sacrifice Part 1 Guest 13.85MB 1275
The Sacrifice Part 3 Guest 13.57MB 463
The Sacrifice Part 4 Guest 15.19MB 650
The Sacrifice Complete Guest 54.11MB 9271
I hate Mountains Guest 266.81MB 795
Moon Soccer Guest 4.38MB 251
The Lost City Guest 2.72MB 742
Mansion Survive Guest 1.63MB 411
Revenant Rack Guest 1.42MB 133
Forage Guest 16.76MB 181
Zero Guest 2.93MB 178
UNS Stay alive Guest 1.87MB 371
Mc-Donalds Guest 8.59MB 1764
Agla Room Survival Guest 33.05MB 310
Surrounded by the dead Guest 70.92MB 938
Arcade mod for L4D quick fix Guest 108KB 353
Arcade mod for L4D Guest 8.01MB 486
Zombieland Title menu Guest 62.99MB 139
Der Riese Title menu Guest 50.59MB 32
Zombies server side ready Guest 7.82MB 357
I Hate Mountains (1.1) Guest 266.81MB 4284
The Great Escape Guest 6.87MB 261
Running Away beta 2.0 Guest 147.43MB 409
Left 4 Dead Coop Map Resident Evil 1 Mansion Guest 31.82MB 1067
Left 4 Dead Coop Map 28 Days Later Guest 37.13MB 94
Left 4 Dead Survival Map 4 Ways Guest 1.01MB 27
Left 4 Dead Map FALLEN Guest 198.94MB 256
Left 4 Dead COD4 Wetwork Survival Map Guest 70.63MB 86
Silent Hill Guest 521.43MB 8087
Left 4 Dead Survival Map The Black Gate Guest 123.92MB 108
Left 4 Dead Survival Map Corpses Stacked Guest 2.67MB 13
Left 4 Dead Coop Map Last Night Guest 59.11MB 71
Left 4 Dead Versus Map Dead Conversation Guest 19.47MB 87
Dead Echo Guest 144.93MB 636
Silent Hill Guest 413.88MB 546
Left 4 Dead Map Dead Flag Blues Guest 138.41MB 36
Left 4 Dead Map Fort Noesis Guest 102.61MB 53
Left 4 Dead Map Resident Evil 2 RPD Guest 23.75MB 518
Left 4 Dead Survival Map The Restaurant Guest 1.69MB 7
Left 4 Dead Survival Map LSD Island Guest 1.6MB 36
Left 4 Dead Survival Map Dismember the Alamo Guest 28MB 13
Left 4 Dead Survival Map Simply A Cube Guest 603KB 8
Suicide Blitz Guest 130.94MB 1110