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Maps L4D Campaigns for L4D2

User-Friendly Installer that installs the L4D campaigns of your choice into L4D2.Compressed 1GB into 320 MB.


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Maps House Holdoff VPK

This is only a survival gamemode support map, versus is allowed, but untested.


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Maps 2 Evil Eyes Left 4 Dead 2

This is a map pack by Don. It contains the maps deadlybeginning, deadlywater, deadstop, deadtrain, deadstorm, and deadend.


Maps Favela Survival

4 survivors in the middle of the grimey and infested slums of Brazil. Combat the infected both indoors and outdoors in this exciting and fas...


Maps Death hour

in this campagin it got all the 7 survivors together again. Zoey, Francis and Louis will help you survive in this forest against tanks, witc...


Maps 2019

panic moments that are well set up and it plays through fantastic. There are some small changes since the last Beta. For example there are t...


Maps City 17

recently highlighted this map as there featured community map and you can really see why. It is faithful to the HL2 and yet it lends itself...


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Maps Left 4 Dead 2 City 17 Map v3.2

This Left 4 Dead 2 map takes you into the familiar streets of Half-Life 2's City 17.


Maps Dead Before Dawn Too

and improved on it.I was not disapointed.Very rarely in my day to day work here on this site or anyother our network sites do I encounter a...


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Maps Military Industrial Complex II

novice) So expect to play hard. In the finale I introduce Sentry guns to the world of L4D2


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Maps The Facility

processing facilitythat is loaded with weapons. The main control room and the upper tier are great places to fightoff the hordes...The map i...


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Maps Orange (Survival & Scavenge)

into a small private airstrip. Once the infections started spreading however, it was quickly used as an evacuation point.Based on the same l...


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Maps Silent Hill Campaign

Silent Hill recreated for Left 4 Dead, ported to Left 4 Dead 2 by Doktor Hays.


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Maps Left 4 Dead 2 Campaign - Left Behind (Final Release)

CHANGELOG: ** Release Notes - 01/16/12 (vpk 13.0 - Final) ...


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Maps Left 4 Dead 2 Mod - Back to School Campaign v1.0

The storyline will not interfere with any of the games and offers the completely new setting, Borden city. Struggle to survive in an epidemi...


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Maps Left 4 Dead 2 Mod - Fatal Freight

Extensive testing has been done to ensure this campaign is playable on all difficulties, including Realism Expert. All secondary game modes...


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