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only using official radial menu. New update includes:1. Applied all available but unused lines in all dialogues of The Passing.The most obv...


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only using official radial menu. New update includes:1. Applied all available but unused lines in all dialogues of The Passing.The most obvious thing is that you can hear new lines when picking up golf club or M60.2. Fixed a missing reply of "vampire" dialogue which is between Coach and Francis in The Passing intro.3. Readding "Bots are also hurrahs lol" when you cheer. (Applied to L4D1.)4. Readding "SurvivorNearFinale" when survivors are near to finale. (Applied to L4D1.)5. Fixed that reminder of first aid kit if you leave the starting point without it.Applied to first level of The Passing but FAILED, now I fixed and applied to every campaign.6. Readding unused Ellis' all stories in the Passing.7. Moving Ellis' "I'm Moron" story to tattoo store and replacing for the "snow story" of community in safe room of C6M3.8. Readding Ellis' story, "DLC1_C6M2_SafeRoomConvo20", when he is talking with Coach in safe room of C6M2.9. Adding "No laughing" if you are playing versus with modified talker."Laughter in versus game always considers impolite behavior.10. Adding "a song" at the microphone of Dark Carnival's finale.11. Adding "PlayerAlertGiveItemStopAnFirstAid" for survivors of L4D1.when you run after an injured teammate with first aid kit, survivors will say: "Hold on, I got something for you." (Applied to L4D2.)12. Added that L4D2 survivors could call L4D1 survivor's names.But only Ellis have complete lines, and Coach can't.(Character Select Menu plugin exclusively.)13. All survivors of L4D1 can warn Charger, Jockey, Spitter with custom radial menu, including Bill.14. Fixed "Ammo here!", "First aid kit here!", "Pills here!", "Pipe bomb here!", "Molotov here!" when L4D1 survivors see them.15. Adding "Ammo here!" when they spot an explosive ammunition and an incendiary ammo ammunition.Because it doesn't have new line for them.16. Adding unused lines of L4D1 "Grenade here!" when they spot a boomer bile bomb.Because it doesn't have new line for them.17. Adding that Louis should say something when he picks up something.18. Joined my past work "L4D Modified Talker" into L4D2 now!Every L4D1 survivor has over 15 kinds of laughter.19. New custom radial menu condition: "I Hate"You can hate everything when you act Francis.20. Adding missing everything about L4D2 for L4D1 survivors as more as I CAN.Fixed that Being jockeyed, touching spitter's goo, Dialogues about defibrillator, Chainsaw battle cry... If you didn't hear any new dialogues you expected, it means "you should blame Valve" and I couldn't help.21. Fixed that Louis won't say "That is for Bill!" when he killed a Tank, this line only works in The Passing now.22. Fixed that Hunter pounced screaming for L4D1 survivors.23. Fixed a missing intro dialogue of The Sacrifice is between Francis and Bill.Talker mistakes of Tattoo store in The Passing happened AGAIN in The Sacrifice.24. Adding some surprising for Japanese Players. (By the way, I am not Japanese player.) And improving thousands of "surprising voices" -_-)P.S. This file is only available while you are holding server, it's server-side addon.Local server. your own L4D2 dedicated server and single player offline game could work as well. If you install this but join other servers, it won't make effect.Modified Talker works well with The Sacrifice at present, v3.136 is available now.

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