Left 4 Dead's developer creating a new 'globally-known' AAA game

By FileTrekker 6 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

Turtle Rock Studios, the developers behind Left 4 Dead, are currently looking for multiple new staff to begin work on a brand new AAA title, in a "globally-known franchise", according to job listings which have appeared on their official website this past week. 

One of the job listings, looking for a senior level designer, implies that the game is going to be a multiplayer First Person Shooter, and candidates for the positions are required to have experience working "with modern FPS engines" and "competitive FPS" games, with the desired candidate being able to create "competitive and balanced map layouts". 

The developer last said back in 2016 it was working on a new, dark fantasy FPS, with co-op gameplay in a "new franchise, set in an all new universe". The job listings here imply this work is for an already established franchise, but weather that is Left 4 Dead, or something else entirely, remains unknown. 

So, we could be looking at Left 4 Dead 3, or perhaps something else entirely - but if you're missing (or have yet to experience) that Left 4 Dead goodness, you can pick up the first two titles on the Steam Summer Sale currently for a mere £1.54 / $2ish. 

What game would you like to see Turtle Rock develop? Let us know in the comments!


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