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Maps L4D Aztec v1

An adaption of de_Aztec from CS:S for Left 4 Dead.


Maps City Naniwa Map

These 5 campaign maps are based on Osaka. Taking placing in Japan you will travel through a shopping mall, arcade, highway and subway until...


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Maps Dead City Map

Taking place at River Side city, you will kill off zombies to make it out of the city alive. Fight through city and alley ways to cross the...


Maps Road To Hell Map Beta 2.0

Taking place in an old military frontier surrounded by woods, you will work your way to the evacuation zone located in the city.


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Maps Death Abroad Maps

In Death Aboard you start out in a prison and work your way out to the nearest docks area. From here, you board a stranded ship and finally...


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Maps pl_goldrush for l4d

The tf2 map with a NAv file for l4d. put in your l4d/maps folder. all is VALVe copyright, not me.


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Maps L4D Downsize Survival Map

Downsize in Left 4 Dead has a whole new definition with zombies waiting to punch out your time card, permamently. They are actively hiring m...


Maps L4D Roadwarrior Survival Map

Traveling the highways of America to avoid zombies, unfortunately the car being used is now broken. Your group stumbles on an abandoned mili...


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Maps L4D Achievement Map

This map is like a zombie achievement petting zoo with zombies behind a safety barrier. Press a button and a boomer, smoker, witch, or tank...


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Maps L4D God Dam Survival Map

The most uttered phrase in Left 4 Dead by Bill is now converted into a map. Survive against zombie hordes on this huge map set on a dam. Wha...


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Maps L4D Space Harrier Map

This map is inspired by Space Harrier from the old Sega Genesis days. Avoid incoming missiles fired from flying orbs while dodging trees, ta...


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Maps L4D Ravenholm Map

Ravenholm was spooky enough with wandering alien head crab zombies. Now it is filled with regular undead human zombies out to eat your brain...


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Maps L4D Legend of Zelda Map

This is a reproduction of an actual Legend of Zelda labyrinth! Obtain gold keys and solve puzzles in the dungeon of doom to save your prince...


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Maps Don't Answer the Phone

Small survival map set in the woods.


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Maps Bridge to Nowhere

The survivors are backed into a corner at an abandon police checkpoint at the end of a bridge.


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Maps Mess Hall

Survival mess hall area.


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Maps Barricade Builder Map V2

Version 2 of the Barricade Builder Map.


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Maps God Dam

A survival map that takes place on a dam not far from the Death Toll town. Fight hordes of infected from both sides of the dam and stay away...


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Maps l4d_sv_grimyarena

This is a survival map for Left 4 Dead. There is a large arena-like area in the middle, which is surrounded by four rooms.


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Maps Egyptian Temple Complex v1.1

Fight of the zombies in an Egyptian temple complex!


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Maps Forest Fort

A map I made to test out the new SDK. Press the white button on the barrel near the weapons, to start the survival event.


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Maps l4d sv_firstmap

So this is my first map I worked about 6 hours on it(I've never touched hammer before this is just me, a few tuts, and creativity)


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Maps Dead Zone 1.2

Dead Zone is survival version of Road to Hell map, which takes place at overrun military frontier.


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Maps Retard Soup

My first map. I had the priviledge of sitting next to 1Sg_Heartless and through his direct help and the use of his tutorials I was able to k...