Left 4 Dead

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Elements of War: 1337 Board v2 Guest 234KB 658
Reality SoundPack v 1.6 Guest 2.88MB 1,106
Croker Witch Guest 4.72MB 881
Doku's Survival Mod Guest 179.99MB 1,410
Bill Cosby Soundpack for the Smoker Guest 14.46MB 1,004
Soviet_Menu_v0.2.rar Guest 193.62MB 102
Barricade Builder V3 Guest 2KB 1,673
Bob's Building Script v3.0 Guest 4KB 284
Barricade ModX V1.3.1 Guest 3KB 89
Survive A Witch Guest 3KB 20
Barricade Builder V4 Guest 2KB 901
Survival Mode Radial Menus Guest 2KB 23
Rosetta Radial Custom Voice Menu Guest 1KB 96
25 Pounce Kung-Fu 1.2 Guest 752B 48
Server Browser Menu Mod Guest 3KB 93
Custom RadialMenu Guest 1.26MB 103
Romero Mod Guest 651B 99
Old Skool Mod Guest 675B 63
Barricade Builder V5 Guest 3KB 6,271
Instant Kill Pistols Guest 964B 65
TOPA V1.3.5 Guest 385KB 33
28 Days Left v0.2 Guest 852B 24
IM A LEGEND MOD/SCRIPT V.3 Final Guest 5.94MB 56
L4D Custom Weapons - bug fix! Guest 8KB 189
L4D Custom Guns Guest 8KB 221
Smart Zombies Guest 203KB 40
L4D - PARANOIA MOD Guest 178.68MB 40
STALKER MODE - Mod by Doku Guest 35.28MB 44
Background Vid HD UPDATED Guest 39.31MB 11
Valve Classic GUI Guest 5.48MB 14
Tank Music Randomizer Guest 140KB 12
Color Correction - Infected Night Vision Guest 166KB 75
Dawn of the Dead 1978 Background Guest 34.72MB 22
Shaun of the Dead L4D Custom Menu Background Guest 57.88MB 123
28 Days Later Main Menu Guest 1.75MB 33
Custom 'Dead Set' Intro & Menu Guest 42.38MB 45
Dead Air Menu Background Guest 55.53MB 25
Mr.T Tank Guest 14.54MB 25
Left4Bread&Butter Super Mod Compilation 1.1 Guest 191.84MB 65
Main Menu Slideshow (Fan/Concept Art) Guest 198.66MB 14
Death Toll Menu Background Guest 59.29MB 55
Players Choice Resident Evil Sound Pack Guest 209.96MB 229
Scatman Soundpack for the Hunter Guest 9.93MB 233
Barricade Builder V5.1 Guest 3KB 667
Zombies & Boxes Guest 2KB 44
Kool-Aid Boomer Guest 6.66MB 108
s1nk0's Thirdperson Mod Guest 4KB 179
L4D Create Minigun Script ( Guest 69KB 201
Minigun Maker V1.0 Guest 2KB 117
Survivor Upgrades Guest 6KB 37
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