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Skins Shawn of the Dead Louis Skin

This skin for Louis turns him into one of the all time zombie heroes from Shaun of The Dead movie. The looks is complete with name tag, empl...


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Skins Steriod Pill Bottle

The old bottle label now has experimental steroids used to develop tanks. The label has Unleash The Tank In You with a hulking image of a ta...


Skins Remington Wingmaster Skin

Replaces the default shotgun with the tiny toy like pump that didn't fit right. Since the default model is basically supposed to be a Reming...


Skins Hello Kitty Hunter Skin

It was bad enough a deadly Hunter is always ruing someone's day beating the crap out of them like Ike Turner. The humiliation gets only wors...


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Skins HQ "Hello Kitty Zoey" V1.1

High Quality "Hello Kitty Zoey" V1.1BY: VincentX3This is a High Resolution Zoey Skin based off Hello Kitty


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Skins Alternate Zoey with Green Fleece

Alternate Zoey with Green Fleece


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Skins Cow Muffins Enhanced Zoey Head

Cow Muffins Enhanced Zoey Head


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Skins Officer Zoey

Zoey in police jacket ^^Extract the rar to your left 4 dead folder.


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Skins Emo Zoey

just a mod i made to give zoey a more emotional apperance.


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Skins Francis Liddell

UPDATED! The hair was too dark plus the tattoo's were far too big resized them also able to completley remove the model beard to look more r...


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Skins Zoey - Faith Style (.RAR version)

This version of Zoey was inspired by Faith (Main Character of Mirrors Edge), by adding Eye makeup/Black sweater with white stripes/White pan...


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Skins RPD Francis (RE2 Colors)

Please rate if you download Quick recolor of RPD Francis to look like the RE2 variant.


Skins Sexy Zoey

Who says that Zoey has to be a 'good girl' ?


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Skins Bouncer Louis

* Not created by me (Method) * Dressers Louis in the style of a doorman/bouncer.


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Skins Guerilla Warfare Bill

* Not created by me (Method) *  Gives Billa nice red and black look


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Skins Pimping Louis

* Not created by me (Method) *  A skin that turns Louis in to one bad, Pimpin' mother


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Skins Scarlet

Zoey skin, Scarlet from 28 Weeks Later.


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Skins Redneck Francis

Redneck reskin of Francis


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Skins Wamu Guy

The Wamu Guy for Louis


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Skins Sephs Urban Camo Zoey

*Not created by me (Method)* Basic reskin for Zoey, givingher an urban camo uniform


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Skins Louis R&B

Red ShirtBlack TieDarkened Pants


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Skins RPD Francis V2

Version 2 of the RPD Francis Skin.


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Skins RPD Francis V2 Short Sleeve

Includes 2 skins (Short sleeve with or without elbow pads)


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Skins Death Metal Zoey

Customized Death Metal Zoey skin