Dead Before Dawn

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based off the 2004 movie remake of Dawn of the Dead. Featuring over 200 custom prop models, Campaign and Versus support, professional voice acting, and original Dawn of the Dead-inspired locations, this campaign is something to be admired. The years-long development time has obviously been well-spent, providing us with extremely-refined, polished vistas. There are a few problems, but that doesn't stop me from saying that this is flat-out the most advanced Left 4 Dead campaign released to date, even in its current beta stage.I'm not going to bore you with a long review, because I want you to stop reading this and start downloading as soon as you possibly can. The opening is cinematic, giving it a very epic feel, and the custom soundtrack adds to the movie-like atmosphere. As for bugs, the transition from the first to second map has a crash bug. There's also a massive brush misalignment on the beginning of the third map, but the rest of the campaign is without parallel in terms of quality, enjoyment, and replay value. It's a shame the finale wasn't included, but what's there is good enough to keep you playing for a long, long time.Like the recent Silent Fear map by Adam Sierra, Darth_Brush has added randomized elements to the campaign. Crescendos will play out differently, and you'll explore different parts of the map. It's brilliant, and it honestly makes me wonder why Left 4 Dead 2's AI Director 2.0 needed this feature.For those "tl;dr"-ers out there, I'll sum it up with this:Download it. Just don't punch your computer monitor in a blind fury when the security guy starts annoying the crap out of you, like I almost did. Be sure to read the ReadMe for installation details, though, as the sheer size of this campaign requires some special handling.--Odyssey1319


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