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to that later). So it can take a couple of hours.The maps are fantasically well made! Everything looks pretty realisitc. Most of it's quite...


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to that later). So it can take a couple of hours.The maps are fantasically well made! Everything looks pretty realisitc. Most of it's quite linear, but sometimes the route is more hidden away.Theres quite a serious lack of supplies through the campaign. Despite only being on Nomal difficulty, I ran out of ammo on every chapter! And everytime I did, a Tank came after me!Speaking of Tanks, I don't know how much control a mapper has over them and where they spawn, but in my latest play though, I had encoutered 5 Tanks by the end of the third level!AirCrashAs the name suggests, this map starts off at a really well done air crash, using the parts from the Dead Air finale. It's in the middle of a wooded area, but extends far enough to not see the edges from the path. About half way through, there's a fantastic collapsing bridge!RiverMotelStarting out in a motel, you're thrown straight into a panic event! Moving on through some wooded areas with very dense foliage, you end up in a large, very well constructed adn detailed cemetary. From there, through a small bit of town and into a warehouse.OutskirtsThis is where I think the map really picks up. From the safe room, you head into a frankly amazing store. Through more (yet always varying) streets, through a maze of a building and into a multistory car park. This bit is quite annoying. Virually every car in there is alarmed. They're pretty much impossible to not set off, once one goes off they all go off, and the hoarde that arrives seems never ending!CityHallMost of this map takes place in streets and buildings throughout the city. It's by no means same-y and boring, but theres nothing particuarly great either. Towards the end though, you reach (once again, as the name suggests) City Hall, an abandoned evac center. This is where I think the campaign starts going downhill a bit again. You end up going through a secret door (in what I assume is the Mayor's office) you somehow know is there, down and escape on a monorail.BombShelterNo prizes for guessing where you end up here :P This takes place in a military base at the other end of the monorail you escape the city on. There's lots of vehicles around (trucks, tanks, hummvees), yet, oddly, no ammo besides whats in the spawn building, 1 medkit and smattering of pipebombs! The maps quite large for a finale, though most of it is taken up by empty barracks. The actual finale event consists of 2 doors that take forever to open leading to a lift. Now, I really dislike this finale. The first door takes till about the first Tank to open. The second is about half done by the time the second Tank arrives (thankfully though, theres a minigun and ammo pile here). Which means you have to to wait through several minutes of the normally post-escape-arrival melee of infected and Tanks while the second door finishes opening and the lift slowly makes its way to you, which can be as many as 5 or 6 tanks later! Then, to cap it all off, the bots seem to refuse to get on the lift, so you have to wait for the flow of tanks to wipe them out while fending off the flood of infected!Tl:dr? Basically, a beautifully thought out and made map, but the finale REALLY needs some work! Overall, I'd say it was a worthwhile download though.~limey98

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