Reverse Blood Harvest

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http://steamcommunity.com/groups/reverse_l4d[/quote]As the name suggests, this is Valve's Blood Harvest campaign, but backwards!Well this is certainly an interesting concept! And it does work for the most part. It makes just as much sense backwards as forwards. The way back up the "point-of-no-return" (at the station in the penultimate level and into the finale arena) drops fits in well. The panic event in the third level is also adapted well for the backwards-ness of the level.I disagree with the authors comment thatt the finale in tough though. It takes place around the bridge in the woods with the escape being the C-130 from the end of Dead Air. The bridge creates the perfect bottle-neck, making the slaughtering of the common infected easy, and you're close enough together that Hunters and Smokers are taken care of quickly. Then, there's a nice open area to take out the Tank in. I actually found it relatively easy, even with 3 bots!The whole campaign is also significantly shorter then the original. You'd probably be doing quite badly to finish on advanced in more than an hour or so.Overall, its a good concept. It's generally well implemented as well. However, I felt the finale let it down a little.~limey98


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