The Great Escape

the_great_escape_301209_2360.zip —


in such a way that it acts like a maze which has the effect of no matter were you are you will get attacked on all sides.It looks faithful to the film in as much a Zombie game can and the tunnel to the out side has the nice detail that it even comes out under a bush.The look out towers and the gate are chunky but that adds to the WW2 feel and I am happy that the dev went for that feel.There only 2 downsides to this map.1) it did not show up in the ingame menu so you have to manually start the map in the console.2) it is a bit big. Now this is not really a down side as all it means a longer games. So if you like the film and want to spend a lot of time shooting zombies then this is a great map and well worth the download.


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