Lord of the Rings Online

The Lord of the Rings Online brings the world of J.R.R. Tolkien to the MMO community. Middle-earth is represented accurately in this game, with the majority of locations from the books found throughou...

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LotR Online Book 12 'Developer Diary' Video Turbine Inc 102.29MB 126
LotR Online Book 12 'Points of Interest' Video Turbine Inc 75.74MB 119
Official Interface Skin Pack Codemasters 5.21MB 263
Angmar-Ur Sciferle 44.98MB 108
LOTRO Music Dev Diary EA 132.85MB 168
LotrO Skin viewer D.H1cks 323KB 526
WoW Style 2.1 Asghaard 972KB 182
Glan ACM JappMe 302KB 88
Stone Age Taffu 89KB 102
Fenir Wood AncientWolf 2.3MB 215
LM Durin's Folk LedMirage 370KB 162
Lotro Official Cinematic Intro Turbine Inc 66.98MB 368
LOTRO LOTR Files Dwarven Thorins Gate Video Digz 56.6MB 315
LOTRO LOTR Files Dwarven Mines Video Digz 38.42MB 457
LOTRO LOTR Files Elven Video Digz 50.11MB 672
Lord of the Rings Online Dwarf Video Europe Codemasters 29.59MB 212
Rivendell Wallpaper Small Turbine Inc 737KB 85
Rivendell Wallpaper Large Turbine Inc 1.66MB 176
Hall of Fire Wallpaper Small Turbine Inc 1.88MB 65
Hall of Fire Wallpaper Large Turbine Inc 1.28MB 123
Erid Luin Wallpaper Small Turbine Inc 716KB 56
Erid Luin Wallpaper large Turbine Inc 1.56MB 104
The Lord of the Rings Online Bree Movie EA 53.84MB 183
Lotro Wallpaper 04 Guest 696KB 291
Lotro Wallpaper 03 Guest 488KB 152
Lotro Wallpaper 02 Guest 850KB 126
Lotro Wallpaper 01 Guest 601KB 188
LOTRO - Gameplay B-Roll EA 174.04MB 375
LOTR: Online E3 2006 Trailer #3 EA 37.4MB 208
The Lord of the Rings Online E3 2006 Trailer #2 Turbine Inc 28.8MB 143
The Lord of the Rings Online E3 2006 Movie Turbine Inc 14.31MB 157
Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar Trailer Turbine Inc 13.88MB 369
Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar EA 25.91MB 556
Official LOTR: Online Trailer Turbine Inc 15.27MB 666