LotrO: Mines of Moria Jeffrey Steefel Talks

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This is an opportunity for you the fans to check out what problems Turbine encountered when making Mines of Moria and also about how defeating the Balrog in Moria opens completely new paths by freeing Moria from its darkness, however now there is a huge challenge in the goblin ranks to seek out a leader while Saruman, Sauron and the False King prepare to take Moria as their own.

One of the biggest problems we faced was how to keep the players from feeling claustrophobic,†Steefel says as the camera operator moves into a pyramidal chamber. Unlike the rest of Moria, this chamber isn’t lit by torches or glowing crystals or fungi. The top of the pyramid is a skylight that leads out to the surface world and floods the chamber with natural sunlight. The result is an underground garden that — though now overgrown and loaded with monsters — still has traces of natural beauty. “This garden was one of the ways we answered that problem along with the enormous spaces and varying the terrain a lot. Moria was a place that was once loved and traces of that still remain. Players need a chance to lighten up and just have some fun.

It’s funny, but as frightening as Moria is, it’s also a place that brings up a lot of sympathy,†Kerr says by way of conclusion. “Ultimately Moria is a cautionary tale about arrogance and obsession. One of the big things we want to help players do is dig into Moria’s past. What were the Dwarves doing in Moria? What did it mean when they ‘dug too deep’? Ultimately all these events can be laid at the feet of certain individuals and players are going to find out who these people were, why they did what they did and why it all went so wrong.

While your at it, Gamespy have also released some new screens about the update:


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