New LOTRO Concept art

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Published by MoMMa_Dean 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Hi there, here's what i've found on the Turbine website:
These are two of several styles of armor found in LOTRO, as worn by a Man of Eriador. (In the game, players can wear armor designs from another race, if they so choose. Hobbits, being peaceful folk, have not developed an armor style of their own.) However, armor takes skill to wear effectively, and only certain classes will have the appropriate skills for some armor-types. The suit on the left represents common armor of the Third Age. It is medium-weight, constructed of leather. The suit on the right is of Dwarf-make; heavy, reinforced chain armor with additional plate protection. These examples help illustrate the guiding principles we came to for our armor designs -- principles develoeped through much experimentation to find a compelling style on the spectrum between "historical accuracy" and "cinematic anachronism." After reviewing a variety of styles -- some seen in previous screenshots -- we decided to stick to historically-appropriate techniques (e.g. layered plate instead of articulated armor), but present them with a style both unique and believable. Finally, these styles reflect the common gear available to players in Middle-earth. However, the bravest and luckiest of adventurers may earn or find rarer and more powerful armor -- relics of the First and Second Ages.
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