Majesty Gold HD updated on GOG, Steam version to follow

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Published by Plok 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

Another unexpected update came out. After a hotfix on GOG that repaired fullscreen display but broke windowed mode in the process, Majesty Gold HD received patch, which brings an important set of changes, which we list below:

Changes Include:

DirectX 9 is used as the default graphics API. This makes Majesty much more compatible with newer versions of Windows.

Modding support, including an SDK for making new Quests and modifying the functionality of existing Quests and Freestyle games.

Basic Multiplayer using GoG Galaxy is supported.

Mouse edge locking in Windowed mode.

Middle Mouse button drags the map

Many bug fixes.

The GoG installer has been updated to auto-install the needed Microsoft runtime files, but if you having issues and the game will now not start anymore, you can try uninstalling it and re-installing it or manually install the Microsoft runtime files from these links.

Visual Studio 2008 Redistributable SP1

DirectX End User Runtimes June 2010

If for some reason, you are having issues with DirectX 9 or you just want to switch back to the older DirectDraw API, you can change back by going to the Settings page in game or by editing MajXPrefs in your My Documents/My Games/MajestyHD directory with Notepad and changing the <UseD3D> value from 1 to 0. Please note that on Windows 10, DirectDraw is an optional install and must be added with the Windows Settings panel.

The older DirectPlay Networking interface has also been disabled as that is also not enabled by default with Windows 10. If you need to have that re-enabled, edit MajXPrefs as described above and change the <EnableDirectPlay> tag to 1

The new install provides an SDK for modding, with some documentation on how to get started. The SDK is located in the same directory where GoG installs your games, usually C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Majesty Gold HD

If for some reason you are really having no luck running the new version, the old version is also located in the same directory where Steam installs your games, usually C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Majesty Gold HD. There will be an executable named MajestyHD - Old.exe.

If you are having issues with the new version, please post with as much information as you can, such as what OS you are running and what graphics card.

Note that since GoG doesn't have a Mod delivery system yet, you will have to manually place any mods in your game's user folder. ex. My Documents\My Games\MajestyHD\Mods

As far as multiplayer is concerned, Cyberlore (yes, they are still alive!) hopes to release a patch for the Steam version in the near future so that GOG Galaxy and Steam users can play multiplayer among each other. Conventional LAN is disabled by default as it uses DirectPlay which is a legacy Windows feature, but can be re-enabled by the steps above.

If you don't yet have Majesty, check out our recent retro review.

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