Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - Breakthrough

Medal of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough is the new expansion pack* for the award-winning Medal of Honor Allied Assault. Set in the European Theatre of Operations from 1943-1944, Medal of Honor Alli...

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Maps and Missions Octubre Rojo

Fundicion Octubre Rojo, Stalingrad.Medal of Honor Allied Assault, Spearhead and Breakthrough custom map.Creado por Garrapiñado del cl...


Modifications HaZardModding Coop Mod for Medal of Honor Allied Assault

This is a level script based coop mod for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Warchest, featuring all Singleplayer levels.Quality brought to you...


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Modifications Breakthrough Blood

Blood for Mohaa Spearhead & Breakthrough.


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Modifications Thin Scope Skin

With this file Mauser 98 scope crosshairlines are 50 percent thinner. Works with MOH Allied Assault and Breakthrough.


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Tools and Utilities Liberation Creation Tutorial

This file contains the tutorial on how to map and script a liberation style map for Medal of Honor: Breakthrough.


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Maps and Missions Medal Of Honor: Breakthrough - Map Addons

This adds multiple new objects to most multiplayer maps. It also adds bots that won't attack you but if you get too close they bash you to d...


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Modifications Beretta Mod

Gives Italian Beretta handgun instead of Colt and P38 handguns with new skins. Skins and muzzlefires are different for Colt and P38. Damage...


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Modifications Breda Mg

Replaces German and Italian mp44 (stg 44) with carryable Italian Breda heavy machine gun with correct reloading animations. (Breakthrough on...


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Modifications Delise Weapon Mod

Replaces Kar98 and Kar98 mortar rifles with "British De Lisle" rifle. You see original "De Lisle" weapon skin on Kar98 rifle and a different...


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Modifications Enfield L42 A1 Skin

Very well balanced and very powerful Enfield L42 A1 sniper for Pinpoint accuracy with new skin and silenced sound. Zero muzzlefire and very...


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Modifications Mauser 98 KS Mod

Very well balanced Mauser 98 KS for pinpoint accuracy with new skin and silenced sound for Italian Forces in Breakthrough.


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Modifications Ofenrohr Panzershreck

For Breakthrough and Spearhead. This early panzerschreck has not a blast shield and camouflaged. The type was known as "Ofenrohr" [stovepipe...


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Modifications Realistic MG42

This mod makes the MG42 in Mohaa: Breakthrough more realistic by raising the firing rate to a respectable 1200 rounds per minute!


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Modifications Vickers Berthier

Reskinned Vickers with new weapon sounds and new shader. (Breakthrough only).


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Modifications Wehrmacht Vickers

For Breakthrough only. Gives Vickers-Berthier machinegun instead of German Mp44 . Reskinned Vickers-Berthier comes with correct anima...


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Modifications breakthrough_sound_fix.exe

Breakthrough sound fix


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This mod changes the skins, and the firing sounds of most of the weapons.


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Modifications STG44 to MG42 Weapon Converter Mod

This converts the BAR & STG44 into an MG42 that youcan run around shooting like a normal gun.


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Modifications Super Weapon Server Mod

This mod is a collection of mods that change weapons, jumping and other stuff to make playing multiplayer more fun.


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Maps and Missions Farm House Liberation Final - Map

Farm House Liberation Final - Multiplayer Map